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AMD Ryzen 7000 APUs could boast Nvidia RTX 3060 performance

AMD's 'phoenix' Ryzen 7000 APU might pack the same performance as a laptop Nvidia RTX 3060, according to reliable hardware leaker Greymon55

AMD Ryzen 7000: Generic AMD chip on red backdrop

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 APUs could boast integrated graphics that match the performance of an Nvidia RTX 3060 discrete GPU, according to reliable hardware leaker Greymon55. The company’s new ‘Phoenix’ chips will add RDNA 3 GPU cores to notebook-style devices, enabling them to pack the gaming performance of a current-gen gaming laptop.

Greymon55 says the ‘Phoenix’ Ryzen 7000 APU is equal to an RTX 3060 with a TDP of 60W – the kind of dedicated graphics card you’d find in one of the best gaming laptops under $2,000. While the insider specifically compares AMD’s next-gen chip to Nvidia’s power limited ‘Max-Q’ GPU, it’s still a potentially impressive feat, especially since the red team’s APU will need to split power between processing and graphics cores.

The next-gen Ryzen 7000 APU’s performance doesn’t just trump Nvidia’s entry-level card, as it also improves upon existing integrated graphics solutions. At the moment, the company’s current single-chip dies are comparable to a GTX 1650 in terms of gaming performance. Therefore, the elevated specs of the new ‘Phoenix’ chip will, in theory, bring RTX levels of performance to smaller and lighter devices, like the Steam Deck 2.

Naturally, we’ll need to wait for proper Ryzen 7000 APU benchmarks before passing judgement, so you should take these early insider insights with the usual grain of salt. That said, the apparent abilities of the chip speak wonders when it comes to balancing performance and power, especially since Nvidia’s RTX 4000 apparently eat PSUs for breakfast.

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