AMD Zen 4 CPU leak reveals pretty packaging and higher MSRP

AMD Zen 4 gaming CPU packaging struts its stuff in newly leaked renders, and the next-gen chips will apparently cost slightly more than Ryzen 5000

AMD Zen 4: Ryzen chip glowing as it enters motherboard socket

AMD Zen 4 CPU packaging images have arrived, and Ryzen 9 7000 seemingly comes in a pretty new box. The leak also features potential Ryzen 7000 price information, which points towards a higher MSRP than current-gen gaming PC chips.

Shared by Videocardz, the AMD Zen 4 renders provide us with a glimpse at the red team’s next best gaming CPU packaging, and it features a striking aesthetic. The leaked box art appears to belong to an upcoming Ryzen 9 7000 processor, so it’s unclear whether this presentation applies to all of the red team’s SKUs.

The leaked renders come with pricing information attached, as Videocardz says Zen 4 won’t cost that much more than Ryzen 5000. That said, it does say the Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 will potentially arrive with a higher MSRP, so you might have to pay a little more for the next-gen gaming PC part.

AMD Zen 4: Leaked box for Ryzen 7000 with Videocardz watermark
Image credit: Videocardz

Retail packaging leaks aren’t arguably that riveting, but additional details at least confirm that Ryzen 7 7800X is on AMD’s Radar. However, Videocardz advises keeping the usual grain of salt to hand, so it’s best not to base your budget on the rumour mill’s information for now.

The new Zen 4 lineup is expected to launch on September 15, and an upcoming event will apparently demonstrate the CPU’s abilities. Naturally, AMD won’t be the only CPU contender occupying the gaming PC ring, as Intel Raptor lake is expected to arrive on the scene around the same time.