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Everything’s bigger in American Truck Simulator’s Texas, including the cities

The American Truck Simulator devs have provided another delightful history and geography lesson on Texas

American Truck Simulator‘s Texas DLC is set to be the game’s biggest expansion yet – only natural, given that Texas itself is absolutely massive. To kick off the new year, developer SCS Software has provided a substantial look at some of the state’s most notable cities, as they’re rendered in-game. And, to my constant delight, they’ve also provided another dollop of historical and cultural background on these towns.

“You know, everything is bigger in Texas,” the devs say in the blog post. “At least that’s what they say. And while the term itself probably originates from the state’s enormous geographical area, Texas used to have six of the fifteen fastest-growing cities in America up until the year 2015. Perhaps, thanks to this, there are bigger populated areas filled to the brim as well.”

There’s still no word on when we can expect the Texas DLC release date, though it’s closing in on a full year since the expansion was first announced. Since then, the Wyoming expansion has launched, and sometime after Texas we’re heading to Montana. It’s a long, slow ride across the US of A, but at least it’s a pretty journey.

For now, let’s take a look at San Angelo, which – as the devs explain – is one of Texas’s most notable towns for small business.

The city of San Angelo, Texas in American Truck Simulator

Then there’s Waco, which “became an important commercial center during the late 19th century”.

The city of Waco, Texas in American Truck Simulator

Next we get a look at the coastal city of Galveston, an immigration and trade hub in the late 19th century that became a tourist destination in the early 1900s.

The city of Galveston, Texas in American Truck Simulator

Lastly, we have Amarillo, which – as SCS has just taught me – is named for the Spanish word for yellow, after the colour of the “yellow sub-soil and the yellow blooms on the area’s Yucca plants”.

The city of Amarillo, Texas in American Truck Simulator

You can follow that blog link above for more screens from each of the cities, as well as further images from the state’s smaller towns. For more truck games, you can follow that link.