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Doom meets dark fantasy as beloved FPS game gets prequel on Steam

Amid Evil The Black Labyrinth is out now on Steam, as the long-awaited prequel to the 9/10 throwback boomer shooter blends Doom and Quake with dark fantasy.

Amid Evil The Black Labyrinth - A person raises their fists as a knight approaches.

Amid Evil The Black Labyrinth is the grand conclusion to one of the best throwback FPS games on Steam. The “expansion pack style DLC” for Amid Evil casts you back to the old-school days of Quake, Doom, and Hexen in a prequel to the base game that sees you attempting to reclaim the Axe of the Black Labyrinth.

There’s all manner of wild weapons as you’d expect, including a scythe that cuts through space and time itself, spiked gauntlets that can punch through solid walls, and a mysterious skeletal hand holding an orb. I can’t even begin to do it justice with words alone, but the highlight is a power-up at the end of the trailer that draws from the likes of anime such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Fist of the North Star to deliver an unstoppable flurry of fists.

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Sneaking out slightly earlier than anticipated, you can now dive into this prequel on Steam at an introductory discount. The base Amid Evil is probably among the must-play games from the crop of fantastic boomer shooters giving us high-speed games such as Turbo Overkill.

Amid Evil comes from the New Blood developer collective behind games such as Dusk and Ultrakill, and delivers on the promise of a modern-day spin on classic old-school boomer shooters such as Quake and Doom. I really can’t get enough of the continued renaissance of fantastic games in this mold, and Amid Evil is one of the best in recent memory, so I’m excited to see how the story ends (or begins, I suppose).

Also included in the package is an option for an alternate font, for those of you who found its original stylistic choice a little tough to read, and you can even bring the new weapons from the expansion back into the base game after beating it once.

Amid Evil The Black Labyrinth - a giant castle with ornate towers.

Amid Evil The Black Labyrinth is out now on Steam, priced at $11.99 / £8.29, but with a 17% launch discount until August 24 bringing it down to $9.95 / £8.29. Meanwhile, Amid Evil is 50% off on Steam until August 21, making it just $9.99 / £7.99. You can also buy the pair together along with their soundtracks in the Amid Evil Champion Bundle for 47% off ($27.13 / £22.01).

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