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Among Us Destiny 2 collab teased just in time for Lightfall

An Among Us Destiny 2 crossover is coming, just as Bungie gears up for the Lightfall release date and Innersloth continues crossovers for its multiplayer game.

Among Us Destiny 2 collab teased just in time for Lightfall

As sure as the sun rises, there’s going to be another videogame crossover. This time it’s an Among Us Destiny 2 collab, as developer Innersloth has teased a series of new character skins via some new silhouettes, with the Bungie Guardians set to join the social deduction multiplayer game soon.

The Destiny 2 x Among Us collaboration doesn’t yet have a release date, as the game’s official Twitter account has only shared a single image with what looks to be six or seven skins themed around Bungie’s shooter. But it’ll likely come to Among Us soon.

While unconfirmed, many are taking guesses at what Destiny 2 skins will be coming to Among Us, like Saint-14, Osiris, Empress Caiatl, and the Exo Stranger. Remember that these aren’t confirmed, but you can take a look at the silhouettes below and make your own mind up.

Among Us Destiny 2 collab teased just in time for Lightfall

While you wait for the Among Us Destiny collaboration you can use this Among Us free map creator to design your own playspace for the game and even import it for actual play as well.

With the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date around the corner on February 28, it’s likely that this crossover will launch around the same time. When Lightfall does drop, you can expect access to the new Destiny 2 Strand subclass, which will let you grapple through the world around you.

The Warlock can use telekinetic powers of the Strand to manipulate matter, Titans can use a set of claws for AOE damage, and the Hunter can use a rope dart.

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