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Anime Fantasy codes May 2024

Get free gems and gold with the latest Anime Fantasy codes to summon the rarest and coolest heroes and help make your team unstoppable.

May 19, 2024 A new Anime Fantasy code dropped a couple of days ago.

What are the new Anime Fantasy codes? Anime and tower defense are a popular combination of genres in Roblox, and it’s not difficult to see why. The thrill of pulling your favorite characters from One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and many other hit manga is incredibly tempting, especially if you get strong ones to keep your tower standing tall.

However, this Roblox experience has a rather steep learning curve if you don’t have many units, and this is where these Anime Fantasy codes come in handy. If you’re partial to anime games with tower defense mechanics, we’ve also got the latest Anime Last Stand codes and Anime Champions codes to help you stay one step ahead of the invading enemy.

New Anime Fantasy codes

Here are all the new Anime Fantasy codes:

  • 10MVISITSTHANKU! – 250 gems (NEW)
  • UpdPointFive – 250 gems
  • WelcomeToMie – 250 gems
  • IloveKeenNew – 500 gems
  • Visit2MNew – 500 gems
  • CodeGlitchedNew – 1,000 gems
  • ShadowMonarch – 350 gems
  • Release – 350 gems
  • Visit5M – 500 gems and five reroll tokens (requires level five)
  • Likes10k – 1,000 gems and five reroll tokens (requires level five)
  • SorryforDelay1 – 2,000 gems, ten reroll tokens, and two Super Lucky (requires level five)
  • SorryforShutdown2New – 2,000 gems and five reroll tokens (requires level five)
  • Discord50kNew – 1,000 gems and five reroll tokens (requires level five)
  • Sub2AekZaJunior – two reroll tokens (requires level five)
  • Sub2Jetoza – two reroll tokens (requires level five)
  • Sub2RikTime – two reroll tokens (requires level five)
  • SorryForManyBugsWeAreStillFixPleaseGiveUsTime – free stuff  (requires level eight)

If you get green text with the description of the items you received, the code has worked. You’ll get red text if there is an issue, such as an invalid or expired code.

Some of these codes require you to be level five or higher. To do this, you must grind the first level (Planet Namek Act 1 – Zarbit) until you level up. There is a three-unit limit on how many of one type you can place, so you’ll want a full team of anime characters fighting by your side. You can use some of the free gems in the unrestricted codes above to summon new units to help you get started.

Expired codes

  • Visit1M
  • Active10k
  • SorryforShutdown1
  • Visit500k
  • Likes2500

The redeem NPC circle you need to stand on to use Anime Fantasy codes.

How to redeem Anime Fantasy codes

To redeem Anime Fantasy codes, you need to:

  • Open Anime Fantasy from the official Roblox page.
  • Go to the Code NPC in the main lobby and stand in the circle.
  • Type in the code and click Redeem to get your free stuff.

How do I find more Anime Fantasy codes?

The easiest way to find more codes is to check back with us in this guide whenever new codes appear. We’re constantly checking to see if there are new ones to keep this list up-to-date, so you don’t have to sign up for anything.

If you want to find Anime Fantasy codes for yourself, go to the Anime Fantasy official Roblox page and start the game. Head into the codes area, and you’ll see a prompt with a URL. This is the correct link to the Discord server, as the other one on the Roblox page results in an error when you click on it. You’ll need to go through several verification checks, but once you have done that, head into the codes channel, and you’ll find the currently active Anime Fantasy codes.

When is the next Anime Fantasy update?

Update 0.5 was released on May 10, 2024, and was released five days after the initial release date. Since all the latest teases in the Discord server sneak peeks channel were for Update 0.5, there’s no indication of when the next big one will be. However, given the frantic development since its main release, we likely won’t be waiting long for news.

Those are all the Anime Fantasy codes that are available to redeem right now, but if you want free stuff that works with all Roblox games, you can get them by heading over to our Roblox promo codes guide. If you have a radio unlocked on your main account, you can play Roblox music codes in any experience.