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Anime Warriors codes December 2023

Use the latest Anime Warriors codes for an advantage in the Roblox fighting game, with gems, quest items, and more available for free.

A group of Anime Warriors battle, with free lazers flying about the place.

What are the new Anime Warriors codes? Getting an early advantage in Anime Warriors could be the difference between life and death as you battle foes from across the multiverse. We’ve searched high and low to bring you all the freebies you can handle, including an absolute boatload of gems.

The Roblox game is heavy on battling and crafting, with upgrades being purchasable with gems. You’re tasked with collecting the most powerful characters from across the most popular anime shows, using their unique powers to smack anyone who dares stand in your way. We also have all the latest Anime Adventures codesBlox Fruits codes, and Project Slayers codes, if these aren’t enough to satisfy you.

A group of Anime Warriors, including Goku from Dragonball Z position for a fight.

New Anime Warriors codes

Here are all the active Anime Warriors codes:

  • Follow@oreI_orL – free gems
  • Follow@Robro1030 – free gems
  • Follow@9sNoxxy – free gems
  • Follow@ZartaniaRBLX – free gems
  • Follow@dev_exile – free gems
  • Follow@NyxunRBX – free gems
  • Follow@_DevCrow – free gems
  • UPDATE2 – free gems and a quest item

How do I redeem Anime Warriors codes?

Here’s how to redeem Anime Warriors codes:

  • Launch Anime Warriors
  • Use the codes button on the menu
  • Copy one of the active codes above
  • Submit and enjoy the freebies!

What are Anime Warriors codes?

Anime Warriors codes are free gifts given by the developers, usually dropping at the same time as big updates to the game. These gifts usually consist of gems, but occasionally they can be items to help you complete missions.

How do I get more Anime Warriors codes?

You can get more Anime Warriors codes by following the game’s Twitter page here, the developers generally post new codes there, and we follow up by listing them here.

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