Anthem’s new patch adds a stronghold and lets you skip Fort Tarsis

Unfortunately, the patch doesn't address Anthem's still-stingy loot system.


A new patch for Anthem is out now, and with it comes a new stronghold to conquer: The Sunken Cell. The patch also removes the need to return to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay in order to access the Forge or accept new contracts.

The Anthem Patch 1.1.0 notes are extensive, and detail a lot of quality of life changes players have been asking for since the game launched in February. However, this patch doesn’t address players’ complaints about the game’s stingy loot system, which is untouched in this update.

The Sunken Cell looks interesting, from what I’ve seen so far. It’s a longer stronghold, which players are saying is at least twice the length of the Heart of Rage. There are tons of puzzles to solve and is set in a semi-aquatic construct.

Some of the Javelin-specific Masterwork gear has been buffed. Colossus’ Final Judgment HE Mortar is getting an increased bonus, from 35% up to 55%. The Interceptor’s Serpent’s Veil, Ruthless Stalker, and Bitter Harvest are all getting significant buffs to their bonuses. Rangers will see minor buffs to Cold Blooded and Avenger’s Boon, and the Storm’s Ponder Infinity and Chaotic Rime bonuses have both been at least doubled.

Friendly projectiles will now pass through Javelins on your squad, which is a curious decision but will likely make firefights in cramped spaces less frustrating.

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Over on the Anthem subreddit, the reaction hasn’t been particularly positive. Most seem disappointed that the loot system has yet to be addressed, and still feels unrewarding and random. But it seems BioWare has plans for that – the studio is hiring new staff to help retool the game’s loot system.

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A few commenters have pointed out that the length of the new stronghold make it a poor choice for farming gear, although they have also generally been positive about the Sunken Cell’s overall design.

You can read the full Anthem patch 1.1.0 notes here.

Complaints aside, there’s quite a bit in this patch, and endgame ginders can take comfort in the fact that they no longer have to stop by Fort Tarsis every time they finish a contract or want to swap out gear.