Anthem builds: guide to getting the most out of your Javelin build

Struggling to figure out what each part of your Javelin does? Here’s how to put together the best build for you

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Looking to craft some of the best Anthem builds? Trying to figure out what abilities fit together best in Anthem is tricky, let alone factoring in weapons, components, and Javelin bonuses. This isn’t helped by the game not doing much to explain each piece to you despite the slow rollout of new equipment. Given the amount of potential parts to pick from, making your ideal Javelin build can feel very overwhelming. Thankfully, we are on hand with our handy guide to constructing your own Anthem builds.

A Javelin is only as strong as its weakest part. There are a lot of different parts to consider when putting together any kind of build in Anthem. Realistically though, while you are grinding to level 30 you will usually just take whatever you can get your hands on, what feels best, and which has the best stats or level. This is probably the best thing to do until you max out and begin tackling the endgame grind.

You can use different components and abilities in order to make your Javelin better at a specific combat role, even among the class you have chosen.

As a general rule of thumb the Interceptor is a close-range mob clearer. The Colossus has lots of health and some decent firepower for crowd control. The Storm is great for setting up combos. Finally, the Ranger is a jack of all trades with a bit of strength when it comes to taking on single targets. Ultimately though, the way you build each of them is down to you. Here are some tips to get you working towards your ideal Anthem build.

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Equipment Slots

Each Javelin has five different equipment types. There are two that are shared amongst all of the classes. First of these are the weapons, which can mostly be used by all classes apart from a couple of exceptions – autocannons and grenade launchers – which can only be used by the Colossus class who in turn can’t use pistols… not big enough for their chunky hands. The other shared type are the Components: passive buffs which helps you fine tune what your Javelin does best. These can be used to either play up your strengths or try to counteract your weaknesses.

Each class has three different special ability slots, two for attack, one for support. The Ranger has Grenade Gear, Assault Launcher Gear, and Support Gear. The Colossus has Ordnance Launcher, Heavy Assault Launcher, and Support Gear. The Storm has Blast Seals, Focus Seals, and Support Seals. The Interceptor has Assault Systems, Strike Systems, and Support Systems. All of these dictate the abilities you have in the field. These are the integral parts when it comes to choosing your playstyle and working out your combo potential.


Combos are essential for dealing the largest amount of damage with the smallest amount of effort. They are also essential for getting the most out of your Javelin and surviving the endgame. They are also not explained in game, which is where we come in. To perform a combo you need a Primer and a Detonator.

Intercepted: One of our favourite Interceptor builds to play

You use a Primer to set up a combo, then use a Detonator to finish it. You can do this on your own, or you can let a friend pitch in with either the Primer or Detonator. Your abilities will either be Primers, Detonators, or neither – so spend some time picking the right ones for your build. In case you’re unsure of which is which in your menu, the Primers have a circle symbol by them, while the detonators have a four-pronged star.

Each class has a different effect when detonating the combo. Rangers cause huge damage to the target. A Colossus causes a huge explosion which hurts nearby enemies. The Storm spreads the elemental effect to nearby enemies. The Interceptor gives you an Aura which builds up the elemental effect over time on enemies near you.

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Legendary Weapons

The Legendary weapons and Masterwork weapons can be used to change any of your Anthem builds up. Sometimes a weapon suits a class more than a specific build. An example of this is the Avenging Herald heavy pistol, which deals extra damage when hovering, so naturally suits a Storm Javelin more than any other class.

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Conversely, some weapons suit a build more than a class. For example, the Radiant Fortress shotgun can be used to recharge your shield. This makes it exceptional if you are playing around with a high shield/low health build. It is usually best to grind until you find the weapon that suits your style, but you can always try to change your style to suit the weapon, too.


The components are what you can use to really take an Anthem build to the next level. They can be both general components that work any Javelin – things like increasing light machine gun ammo or helping you to hover for longer by increasing your heat capacity. Components can also be Javelin-specific so you can use one that specifically increases the effectiveness of your special abilities or reduces physical damage in favour of elemental damage.

Basic Anthem builds

Hopefully all of this has helped you get a better idea of what all the separate parts are for, so you can focus on building your own special brand of Javelin. Just in case you still need the spark of inspiration, here are a few Anthem builds for you to consider:

anthem build guide colossus

Solo Colossus Build

  • Weapons: Torrent (Autocannon), Aftershock (Grenade Launcher)
  • Ordnance Launcher: Lightning Coil
  • Heavy Assault Launcher Gear: Flamethrower
  • Support Gear: Battle Cry
  • Components: Colossal Storage Augment, Colossal Stock Augment, Heavy Shield Reinforcement, Overclocked Regulator, Structural Reinforcements, Special Arms Ammo

The aim of this build is to never need anyone else. You can take enemies out on your own with both your exceptional weapons and your own combos. You prime enemies with the flamethrower and then detonate using the lightning coil for huge damage. The components all aim to make you the best Colossus you can be and increase health, combo damage, and even increase the damage your shield can do. This is a one of the best Anthem builds for a lone wolf.

If you would like to play as a more friendly giant, however, here’s some more of our favourite Colossus builds. 

anthem builds storm

Support Storm Build

  • Weapons: Devastator (Sniper Rifle), Guardian (Marksman Rifle)
  • Blast Seal: Ice Storm
  • Focus Seal: Burning Orb
  • Support Seal: Wind Wall
  • Components: Storm Combo Augment, Elemental Attunement, Elemental Attunement, Sniper Rifle Ammo, Ultimate Inscription, Heat Sink

This build is all about playing the support role. Your job is to stay in the sky and take care of groups of enemies that are overwhelming your squad. You can take enemies out with your weapons, freeze everything in place, and detonate them yourself. You can use Wind Wall to protect team members who are being assaulted from a distance, too. This is a good build if you like to play more of a strategist role.

Damage-over-time Interceptor

  • Weapons: Resolution (Heavy Pistol), Vengeance (Shotgun)
  • Assault System: Venom Bomb
  • Strike System: Venom Spray
  • Support System: Target Beacon
  • Components: Amphibious Augment, Blade Inscription, Double-Edged Inscription, Melee Inscription, Ultimate Inscription, Interceptor Combo Augment

This build is designed to take out small mobs with ease. You don’t even have to focus on them necessarily, just prime them with one of your venom attacks and then strike using your melee or ultimate. You will be poisoning everything around you and doling out a huge amount of damage over time. All the while your team can easily mop up while you dash out to recharge your shield.

anthem build guide ranger

Crowd Control Ranger

  • Weapons: Havoc (Light Machine Gun), Anvil (Marksman Rifle)
  • Grenade Gear: Frag Grenade
  • Assault Launcher Gear: Blast Missile
  • Support Gear: Muster Point
  • Components: Assault Augment, Crossed Arms, Grenade Augment, Grenadier Inscription, Light Machine Gun Ammo, Marksman Rifle Ammo

This is a build for those of you that don’t need to be fancy, you just want to make things explode. There is no combo potential here, the aim is to use your rapidly recharging grenades to decimate groups of opponents. Ideally you would have another class supporting and priming for you, but it works surprisingly well on its own. This is one of the best Anthem builds for the person who really likes pyrotechnics and doesn’t value subtlety.

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All of these Anthem builds should give you some ideas to start riffing off. Also, all of them can be upgraded with different Masterworks and Legendary parts, too. These should help you get an idea for what you can do with each class. You really can mix and match though, so you could make a solo Storm or a support Ranger if you wanted to.