Battle through arenas of enemies in Anthem’s new ‘Season of Skulls’ event

The latest season has now launched

EA has released details of Anthem’s new event, Season of Skulls. Coming out of the storm-filled Cataclysm, Season of Skulls is about defeating waves of enemies for Crystals, whether through the arenas that’ll be dotted around the map or the ‘Anomalies’ that litter the land as you explore.

Described as a “celebration of life and courage in the face of darkness”, the season is heralded by an ominous fog descending on Coda, bringing all sorts of enemies out of the woodwork. The theme, as it were, is unity, as the Freelancers of Fort Tarsis stand shoulder-to-shoulder against the creatures emerging from the looming mist.

Arenas are the central focus, inviting players to enter and fight waves of enemies over a set amount of time to ascend the leaderboards. As in Cataclysm, battling in an arena will involve navigating combat modifiers that require quick-thinking to succeed. Efficiently strategizing around modifiers will yield higher amounts of Crystals. In Freeplay, faction-themed ‘Anomalies’ will spawn as you fly around, yielding tough monsters to be slain. Completing a certain amount of those will grant access to a weekly boss battle that includes some of the best rewards. Fort Tarsis will contain deeper hints and clues on the lore, if you’d like to learn more.

The new content comes amid controversy as earlier this week, players found that their current stashes of Crystals would be erased during the seasonal transition. Crystals don’t carry-over between seasons, but the only notice given for the change-over was a single tweet sent from Jesse Anderson, ‘core community’ global lead at EA, less than a day in advance.

BioWare stated last month it has plans for the looter-shooter. Despite failing to meet EA’s sales expectations – though still the fifth best-selling game of 2019 in the US – Anthem continues to get regular new content, and going by this that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change any time soon.

You can suit up and enter Season of Skulls in Anthem now.