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Apex Legends unveils new character with a Joker like origin “story”

Everyone wants to know who Alter is in Apex Legends - all we know so far is that she's a lethal martial artist who can staddle dimensions.

Was she “born from a stone with tremendous power”? A talented martial artist who discovered a deep and abiding love of football? A professional mahjong player? None of the above? Apex Legends‘ next Legend, Alter, has been revealed in a new teaser video, and her backstory changes like the Joker’s story about his facial scars.

“Every person in every world asks me the same thing,” she says in the multiplayer game‘s latest Legend teaser trailer. That question, “who are you,” prompts a different explanation every time. The video runs through several possibilities. Maybe Alter is pursuing vengeance for her murdered parents. Or maybe the new Apex Legends character was a hunter, living in a rough-hewn village outside the spheres of modern technology. Maybe she led a desert tribe of worm-riders… but probably not, come to think of it.

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The only thing that’s clear is that there are no straight answers when it comes to Alter – she’s dedicated to deception, it seems. No straight answers, except perhaps one: Alter is a dimension-hopping assassin who enjoys ginning up new origin stories just as the trap springs on her latest target.

She also has a pair of horn-like antennae mounted on her head, and a mean-looking mechanical scorpion’s tail. For now, it’s unclear how those will factor into her presence on the Apex Legends battlefield.

Fortunately, we don’t have long to wait to learn more about this mysterious and maniacal new legend. We’ll probably learn more about her with the Apex Legends Upheaval gameplay trailer, which is set to debut May 3.

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