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Apex Legends map Broken Moon leaves players in ring trouble

Apex Legends map Broken Moon, the newest addition to season 15 of the Respawn FPS battle royale game, is leaving players trapped between a rock and a hard place

Apex Legends map Broken Moon rings - new legend Catalyst, a woman with blue hair, blue lipstick, and several eyebrow piercings, sneers slightly

New Apex Legends map Broken Moon is causing plenty of trouble for fans of the Respawn battle royale game, leaving them trapped between a ring and a hard place. The map, introduced as part of Apex Legends season 15, plays home to the stylish goth technomancer and new Apex Legends character Catalyst. Players have already found some adorable secrets in the latest addition, including a family of Space Nessies, but they’re also finding themselves caught out by its geometry in the final stages of rounds.

In certain instances, it appears that later rings towards the end of a match are trapping players on the wrong side of cliffs that they can’t circumnavigate without passing into the deadly heat zone. A key example of this has gained lots of traction on the Apex Legends Reddit, where a debate is ongoing as to whether such rings are a problem or, in fact, a feature. While realising you are stuck on the wrong side of the divide and all but doomed to failure can be frustrating, some players say they like the way this rewards careful situational awareness.

One response remarks, “This happened to me yesterday. Luckily I realised we needed to move quickly out of that situation but unfortunately, despite my constant pings, my teammate didn’t realise.” Responding to the initial poster’s situation, one thread suggests that the player’s “situational awareness seems kinda off,” suggesting that it shouldn’t be considered a bug and that players should be mindful of how rings will close – with some noting that the ring should always end on the side with more room.

However, others point out that it isn’t immediately apparent that this is the case, and that the Respawn team has previously asked players to report rings that close in strange areas so that they can address them with future patches. In the meantime, however, be certain to stay mindful of where the ring is closing next at all times – especially when impassable geometry is involved.

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