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Apex Legends players turn to mob justice to resolve matchmaking woes

Apex Legends players turn to mob justice after saying that matchmaking in the battle royale game is placing Predator ranked players into lower-rated lobbies

Apex Legends players turn to mob justice - Octane, with a gold ranking badge on his shoe, prepares to stomp on Mirage, who is wearing an Apex Predator rank badge

Apex Legends players are turning to mob justice to resolve their matchmaking woes in the battle royale game. The Apex Legends Season 14 release has proven very successful so far, with the new update pushing the game to a new Steam concurrent player record. However, many players have recently expressed dissatisfaction with the matchmaking system in the ranked mode for the FPS game.

One of the most highly upvoted posts on the Apex Legends subreddit at the time of writing is the latest in a series of rants from players at lower ranks who say they are fed up of dealing with Masters and Apex Predator rank players appearing in their lobbies. Another popular post urges developer Respawn to “stop worrying about matchmaking times,” claiming that players would rather sit in queue for a little longer than end up in matches with players of vastly differing skill levels.

Now, it appears that the community has taken matters into their own hands. A viral clip shows a huge group of rival players seemingly teaming up with their enemies to eliminate a Predator rank player in their lobby. Inqo, the player in question – who goes by datemike97 on Reddit – posted a short video of them dropping at the start of a round only to realise that a huge number of players are trailing behind them in pursuit.

Because Inqo is using a unique divetrail awarded to players who have achieved Predator rank, other players are able to recognise him as a particularly dangerous threat to their success. Upon landing, the group seems to be entirely focused on taking down Inqo at the expense of finding gear or even fighting the other rival squads. At one point, Inqo attempts to mingle with the group, hoping that the players will mix them up and begin chasing one of the other Pathfinder players instead, but to no avail. Eventually, a group corners Inqo in a hut and finishes them off, with multiple rival squads taunting over the fallen body together in celebration.

To their credit, Inqo appears to take the whole incident in their stride. They can be heard laughing the whole way through the clip, exclaiming, “It’s half the server… they’re all chasing me… this game’s a ****ing horror game… I’m so dead!” They say in a reply to a comment that “it used to annoy me a lot but now I find it funny how far people go to kill me.” Inqo says that this sort of incident is a frequent occurence, and notes that they have previously competed in the ALGS pro tournament as well as reaching Predator rank in both arena and battle royale modes.

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