Apex Legends dev confirms Ranked changes after controversial season

Apex Legends Season 17 is coming to a close in about a month, and a Respawn developer has promised that Ranked changes are on the way for Season 18.

Apex Legends dev confirms Ranked changes after controversial season: man with grey hair looking sad

The Apex Legends Season 17 Ranked system has been a point of contention for many high-level players in the FPS game, so they’ll be happy to know that a Respawn developer has recently stated that changes are coming for Apex Legends Season 18. Respawn overhauled the Ranked mode this season, introducing changes that made it much easier to reach high ranks, especially when playing passively as opposed to looking for action and getting kills.

Pro player and Apex Legends streamer, Sweet, pointed this out when he made it to Apex Predator — the game’s highest rank — without getting any kills or dealing any damage.

The biggest change to Ranked, and the cause of Christopher ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton’s bizarre climb in rank, is the fact that the entry fee for Ranked matches has been changed to a flat rate. Usually, the higher your rank, the more points you pay to enter a Ranked match. In this season all ranks pay the same low point fee to enter Ranked matches, making it easier to win those points back and then some.

This was proven by third-party player tracker ApexStatus, as they showed an incredibly high number of Master rank players popping up this season.

As a result, many players in the community feel that high-rank badges in Season 17 are less valuable and unrewarding. A recent Reddit thread points this out, and that’s where Respawn dev, Aaron L (AKA Exgeniar), responded by saying players “can definitely expect changes next season.”

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Apex Legends Season 17 is still underway with a few weeks to go, and Apex Legends Season 18 won’t be going live until early August. So, players will have to wait a while before any drastic Ranked changes actually appear in-game.

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