Apex Legends Season 18 rumored to skip new Legend for Revenant rework

Apex Legends Season 18 is on its way in a few weeks, and the update could be forgoing the usual roster addition for a complete Revenant rework.

Apex Legends Season 18 rumored to skip new Legend for Revenant rework: red robot shaving in the mirror

The Apex Legends Season 18 update could be a deviation from what fans are used to seeing in terms of new content, just like Season 16. It’s rumored that, instead of adding a whole new Legend to the FPS game, Respawn will be significantly reworking Revenant. In Apex Legends Season 16, classes were completely overhauled to bring new gameplay features as opposed to a roster addition, and this rework looks to be on that same level.

As it stands, Revenant’s kit pales in comparison to those of often-picked Legends like Bangalore, Ash, and Ballistic — and that’s only listing characters who are in the same class as Revenant. If we look beyond the Assault class, his kit feels even less appealing to use over others like Pathfinder, Horizon, Octane, etc.

Revenant’s Passive ability feels especially underwhelming depending on which map you’re playing in. Being able to climb higher walls and crouch-walk faster is far less useful in the face of better movement Passive like Horizon’s Spacewalk.

If the leaks are to be believed, Revenant will receive three entirely new abilities for his kit. It seems that his Passive will identify low-health enemies, while his Tactical will allow him to leap to a targeted enemy — think Vantage or Newcastle, but for foes instead.

Lastly, Revenant’s new Ultimate would allow him to enter a state where knockdowns and kills provide healing, allowing him to fight through tense, close-quarters situations.

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All of the details above come from known leakers Thordan Smash and iLootGames. However, all of the info here is subject to change, which should come as no surprise since Respawn has already subverted expectations with several previously leaked characters.

With all that said, those of you who are more focused on Season 17 can check out our Apex Legends tier list to see who the best picks are before this rework arrives. We’ve also got the lowdown on Apex Legends skins to make sure your fashion game is always top tier.