Apex Legends Season 8 release date and everything we know so far

Everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 8: changes to King’s Canyon, the release date, and the new Legend

King's Canyon in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 8 is fast approaching and we finally have a confirmed release date and some details about the new Legend, Walter ‘Fuse’ Fitzroy. As usual, you can look forward to a new Legend joining the arena, as well as changes to Apex Legends weapons tier list with tweaks to the overall balance of the game.

Season 7 introduced Horizon, the astrophysicist and gravitational expert, in addition to a new map, Olympus, which introduced vehicles to the battle royale game. The introduction of Olympus saw King’s Canyon taking a season-long break from ranked playlists, prompting many players in the community to ask when Apex Legend’s first map would return.

The next season of Apex Legends celebrates the game’s second anniversary, so Respawn Entertainment will be doing its best to trigger feelings of nostalgia. There’s been talk of numerous recolours for classic skins, as well as iconic locations like Skull Town and the Thunderdome returning to King’s Canyon. Here’s everything we know about Apex Legends Season 8 so far.


The Apex Legends Season 8 release date is February 2. Almost every new season of Apex Legends has begun as soon as the previous season ended, which means Season 8 should follow that same trend.

Jason McCord, design director at Respawn has confirmed that damage trackers are finally making their way to the game in Season 8. This has been a highly requested feature from players who have been trying to aim for damage badges. There is currently no way of knowing how much damage you’ve dealt throughout a game, but these new trackers should let players know how close they are to the illustrious badges.


The next Legend to join the fray is Fuse, an explosives expert and Salvo’s bone cage champion. Fuse comes from the planet Salvo, a once independent planet that very recently decided to join the coalition of Syndicate planets, an organisation set up to bring peace to the Outlands.

Fuse, the new Legend from Apex Legends Season 8

Judging by data mined leaks, Fuse’s ultimate appears to be a mortal strike that deals damage over time – this ring of fire effect will behave similarly to thermite grenades. As for Fuse’s tactical ability, the leaked animations show him loading up an object onto his arm.


The newest weapon coming to Apex Legends Season 8 is the 30-30 Repeater. This lever-action rifle deals damage with hard-hitting rounds, though it is unclear what ammo this weapon takes. As the weapon deals a lot of damage per shot, heavy ammo looks like the easy answer for this weapon. However, we do know this weapon is popular on Salvo, which may suggest there’s an explosive element to this gun. Data miners have revealed the icon for explosive ammo has been in the game for a year now, so there may be a chance Apex Legends receives its first explosive weapon.


Shrugtal, a well-known data miner has confirmed there will be an anniversary collection in Season 8. It looks like the developers are reintroducing classic Apex Legends skins from some of the older seasons, but these skins will feature new colours. Judging by some of the leaked skins, it appears the colour theme is red and black. All of the Legends except Horizon, Rampart, and Loba will be receiving anniversary recolour skins.

The recolours are also branching out to legendary weapon skins, such as the Phasewalker-themed Havoc and the Bonesaw M600 Spitfire from the Season 1 battle pass. This is a great opportunity to pick up some skins that you may have missed back when the game launched in 2019.


Respawn has confirmed Kings Canyon is set to receive it’s third makeover. Fuse’s explosive entrance to the Apex Games is going to reshape the game’s first map. We don’t know how Fuse ends up obliterating the map, but the most recent update to the game may help us piece together what Salvo’s champion has been up to. Since the latest update, mortars can be found on Kings Canyon and Olympus that explode into a ring of fire.

Very similar to the "UFO" that I rendered out in Season 5 that became Elysium, Mirage Voyage is currently situated (AND HIDDEN) on the current map file version of King’s Canyon, over the remnants of Skull Town. (@Shrugtal) from ApexUncovered

Part of the reason why King’s Canyon was removed from the ranked map rotation was because the map was too congested. Players would get into fights too early, causing a slow second half of the game as a result. King’s Canyon will be revamped, but these issues are unlikely to be resolved with a few minor changes. For this reason, King’s Canyon may not make its way back into the ranked map rotation any time soon.

Every new map has received some tweaks in the following season, so we fully expect Olympus to change in some shape or form. Similarly to how World’s Edge was overhauled from Season 3 to 4, Olympus is already showing signs of a potential disaster. Olympus has always featured prominent storm clouds in the sky – Season 8 could introduce new changes to the map by destroying large parts of the level.

We’ll be updating this guide as more information becomes available, so stay tuned to this page on the lead up to the Apex Legends Season 8 release date. If you haven’t played Apex Legends in a while, be sure to check out our Apex Legends characters guide which breaks down every Legends abilities.

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