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Apex Legends teases new legend Conduit in best trailer yet

Respawn Entertainment hypes fans up with one of the best Apex Legends trailers yet, showcasing upcoming legend Conduit and some of her striking abilities.

Apex Legends Conduit: A woman with short brown hair smirks, staring straight ahead

Apex Legends has dropped a new teaser showcasing upcoming legend Conduit, and fans think it could be Respawn Entertainment’s best trailer yet. Season 19, Ignite, is just around the corner, and the community is excited to experience the shooter as Conduit for the first time. Not only does the developer show off her unique abilities and tease the revamped return of an iconic map, but it also gives us a more wholesome look at how the game’s characters interact with one another.

The new Apex Legends teaser is one of the FPS game‘s most fun trailers yet, as it introduces us to Conduit and her relationship with some of the other legends. She brainstorms with Gibraltar and Mirage at the start of the video, asking what makes her a legend while pondering how to best present herself. The teaser takes off as it breaks to a Disney-style song from Conduit and then Revenant.

Yes, that Revenant. One of the YouTube comments reads, “Nothing in the world could have prepared me for Revenant doing that,” alluding to the legend’s singing. After the skirmisher’s surprise solo, we see Conduit soar into action in Storm Point alongside the others, teasing her in-game abilities and a possible map rework. While Respawn hasn’t yet confirmed the new legend’s kit, it looks like she’ll be able to regen shields.

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Conduit acts as a support character for her teammates in the teaser, providing them with shield recharges. The trailer closes as the legends determine it’s “one hell of an introduction.” Fans largely agree with that sentiment on YouTube, as some comment and call it the “best trailer” ever, while others express their joy for Conduit saying she “might be my new main.” All I personally want from Respawn following this video is a Revenant sing-along, please.

You can hop into Season 19 and experience its thrilling content soon, as Apex Legends Ignite commences on Tuesday, October 31. For more information on the upcoming season, you can check the official website, where you’ll also see more of Conduit. It’ll be interesting to see how the new shield legend fits into the current roster alongside characters with similar abilities like Wattson.

If you’re excited to play as Conduit and see how she compares to some of the game’s other legends, have a browse through our current guide on all of the Apex Legends characters to ensure you’re up to speed with its diverse roster. Alternatively, you can look around our roundup of the best Apex Legends skins if you’re looking to better express your sense of style in-game.