Arma Reforger mods are cross-compatible between PC and Xbox

It might not be the full sequel players are waiting for, but Arma Reforger mods are pushing into new territory like cross-compatibility with Xbox consoles

Arma 4 mods will be cross-compatible with the Xbox Game Preview version. Here, a convoy of olive green Humvees and trucks approaches a camouflaged checkpoint manned by US soldiers in Arma Reforger.

It would be difficult to overstate the impact Arma 3 mods have had on videogames writ large. Both DayZ and PUBG: Battlegrounds began their life as mods for the military simulation game series, and developer Bohemia Interactive is keen to get the Arma 4/Reforger modding scene underway. The new Enfusion engine that powers Arma Reforger – and that Arma 4 will eventually use – allows modders to share their work on both PC and Xbox for the first time.

Arma Reforger mods are accessible from the main menu by selecting the Workshop tile. There, you can browse both official mods from Bohemia Interactive and user-created mods. Both are built using the same tools – Arma Reforger includes Workbench, a separate software package found in the Tools section of your Steam library.

“It’s actually the tool which we are using for our development,” Reforger project lead Jan Dusek explains. “This tool includes sample mods and documentation for people to see how they can affect or change specific aspects of the game.” Bohemia has launched an online development hub, with links to a documentation wiki and sample mod on github, to help new Enfusion modders get started.

Workbench includes just about everything you’d need to build an entire game. There’s a world editor, a particle editor, editors for animation and procedural animations, a behaviour editor, and more.

“Any user, with a fair knowledge of C# scripting, should be able to add custom AI behaviours, audio and visual assets, or even completely new gameplay mechanics,” Bohemia says. “Essentially, imaginative players will be able to explore Enfusion to its limits and receive a crash course in Arma 4 modding, well ahead of schedule.”

Dusek says Arma Reforger mods are published in the game’s Workshop, which uses Bohemia Interactive’s own backend rather than the Steam Workshop. This means players using the Xbox Game Preview version of Arma Reforger will be able to install and play them, too.

“Arma Reforger is a product where people will start creating their own work, and they’ll learn how to work with Enfusion,” Dusek says. While there’s no guarantee that mods built for Reforger will be compatible with Arma 4, he says Bohemia “will do our best to help them” when the time comes.