Armored Core 6 has a drug trade, for some reason

The Armored Core 6 ESRB rating has revealed that there's going to be a fictional space drug in the game, and the dialogue that goes with it is worth a read.

Armored Core 6 has a drug trade, for some reason

The Armored Core 6 ESRB rating has revealed one seemingly small, but absolutely baffling detail you need to see for yourself. The FromSoftware mecha robot game is looking really, really great, but while we all wait for the Armored Core 6 release date, there are plenty of surprises left for us. So if you wanted to learn about some weird Armored Core 6 drugs, now’s your chance.

As FromSoftware gears up to release Armored Core 6, a lot of questions about the action game come to mind, but I’m willing to bet none of you thought fictional space drugs would ever form part of the equation.

This is according to the Armored Core 6 ESRB rating, which aims to help rate a game ahead of release, so people have a rough idea of the type of experience they’re buying into. It just turns out that this game about giant fighting robot mechas also focuses on a drug war, for some reason.

There’s a lot of chat from the ESRB about standard stuff like mecha fighting, explosions, and military-style missions, but the listing adds that Armored Core 6 “contains references to a fictional drug in the dialogue/text.

“(e.g., ‘The Dosers are locked in a power struggle over the Coral drug trade’; ‘No one’s getting high off that’; ‘You gotta take Rubicon’s blessings raw…Hits your brain with a pop and a sizzle.’). The word “sh*t” appears in the game.”

Armored Core 6 has a drug trade, for some reason

We do know that Armored Core 6 takes place on the planet of Rubicon 3 after a new energy source went awry and caused a planet-wide catastrophe (sounds an awful lot like Dark Souls if I’m honest), so this potentially led to the drug substance as well.

We already got some Armored Core 6 key art and an age rating courtesy of the Korean classification board if you want to know even more about FromSoftware’s next game, but this is the first we heard of any Armored Core 6 drugs, that’s for sure.

While the new Armored Core isn’t going to be a Souls-like, it is going to be action focused. FromSoftware has even already talked about how Dark Souls and Elden Ring changed the team, and what this means going back to the Armored Core series after a decade.

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