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Armored Core 6 apparently runs “infinitely better” than Elden Ring

If you're concerned about Armored Core 6 performance on PC don't be, as it looks like it'll run just fine, and better than Elden Ring at launch.

Armored Core 6 comes off the back of FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, and naturally, questions of how the mecha robot game runs on PC and handhelds like Steam Deck are coming up. With the Armored Core 6 release date almost upon us, we seem to have an answer, as a content creator who recently participated in the massive Armored Core 6 PvP stream has answered some questions.

Content creator ‘FightinCowboy’ was one of the streamers at the recent Armored Core 6 PvP gameplay event hosted by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco, where we got our first good look at the game’s multiplayer, and they’ve also been a part of the previews for the game, too.

To that end, FightinCowboy recently did a Reddit AMA about PvP and Armored Core 6 in general, and had a lot of interesting things to say about the imminent release of AC6.

Namely, that the “Game runs infinitely better than [Elden Ring]. I’ve played a ton on Steam Deck with no issues,” FightinCowboy says. You can see FightinCowby’s play in the Armored Core 6 event below.

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“As for ranked, unfortunately, it’s only custom lobbies for the time being but I have a feeling that they’ll probably add unranked as well as ranked matchmaking after launch similar to how they did with the Elden Ring arenas,” they add on Reddit.

With Elden Ring struggling for some on PC at launch, with fps drops, stuttering, and screen tearing among the issues faced by some, hearing that Armored Core 6 runs better is great news.

The show even had both 3v3 and 1v1 showcases in Armored Core 6, alongside some single-player footage, too. But the biggest draw was definitely the fact that this is the first we’re seeing of some extended PvP footage.

If you were also curious about the Armored Core 6 game engine, it looks like it’ll be running on the same one as Elden Ring and Sekiro, the two previous FromSoftware games, which could be an absolute goldmine for modders that have already been working with Elden Ring and want to try their hand at Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 does have Steam DRM though. While it does not use Denuvo, the FromSoftware title does double dip on Arxan DRM and Easy Anti-Cheat on Steam. EAC is also in Elden Ring, and has been implemented to help with that game’s own PvP.

While you wait for AC6 we’ve got everything you need to know about each Armored Core 6 boss and how to beat them, alongside the complete Armored Core 6 lore and story, if you’re new to the mecha universe.