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Asus ROG Ally 2 could be revealed as soon as June 2024

A third version of the handheld gaming PC could be out soon, with speculation that an Asus ROG Ally 2024 will be revealed at Computex 2024.

An asus rog with the computex logo on screen against an orange background

Speculation is mounting that a ROG Ally 2 handheld will be revealed as early as Computex 2024 in June. While the latest rumors are based more on speculation than evidence, the timing would be ideal, especially following the rather catastrophic launch of the MSI Claw and the continued domination of Valve’s Steam Deck.

Already one of the best handheld gaming PCs, the Asus ROG Ally boasts more power than the Steam Deck, but this Asus device also has an arguably worse OS in the form of Windows. As the market starts to wonder where and when the next generation of handhelds will be revealed, next month’s Computex show in Taipei looks like a space to watch.


Speculation from Videocardz is based on the inclusion of the 2023 dating associated with the most recent ROG Ally model. The site also points to the fact that Asus has been late in reaching out to media regarding Computex 2024, a sign that it may be hoping to keep a lid on what it’s showing so it can surprise gamers.

Despite these compelling points, we must raise the recent MRSP drop for the existing Z1 Extreme ROG Ally in markets such as the United Kingdom, as this is another possible indication that a new model is due. However, as the original post points out, the current belief is that whatever Asus does next with the ROG Ally, it’s likely to be a generational improvement rather than another incremental update.

A much stronger indication of a new ROG Ally in 2024 appeared earlier this year, when Arnold Su of Asus India spoke to Techlusive about the likelihood of a second-generation device in 2024. Su stated that Asus “most likely will launch a second generation [handheld gaming console] this year,” before then confirming that it will stick to using Windows as its OS.

If Asus indeed plans to reveal its new handheld at Computex, we’ll be live on the show floor, hoping to get a good look at what it has to show. If you’re after a Windows gaming handheld, but aren’t sold on the ROG Ally, you can also check out our Lenovo Legion Go review to see what we think of its closest competition.