New Asus ROG Ally update lets you share your content to TikTok

The November 30 update brings six new features and three enhancements to the popular PC gaming handheld.

Asus ROG Ally November 30 update

If you’ve ever wanted to share your captured images and videos straight from your ROG Ally to TikTok and Discord, you’re in luck. The latest Asus ROG Ally update brings posting your content directly to these two sources as one of six new features in the latest patch.

As one of the best PC gaming handhelds, the Asus ROG Ally can’t rest on its laurels and regular updates have been a very welcome sight. This latest update – dated November 30 – not only brings new content-sharing options but also gyroscopic control and calibration settings.

Other new features include the addition of a response curve to the stick adjustments in both game profile and control mode. A feedback hub has been added to the help center and you now have the option to toggle the CPU boost in the eco-assist settings.

Finally, the last two new features are keyboard shortcut customization for opening the ACSE and command center while AMD advanced graphics options have been added to the GPU operating mode settings.

When it comes to enhancements, these aren’t new to the system but an improvement for an already added feature. This is where the sharing settings have been expanded because you can now post captured images and videos directly to Discord and TikTok.

Support has also been added for more real-time monitor layouts with varying levels of information. Finally, the battery icon and slow charging tooltips have been updated in the command center and navbar.

This certainly comes across as one of the more meaningful updates over the last few weeks, but improvements never stop and it’s great to see so much thought going into this ROG Ally update.

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