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Asus’ ROG Ally X price has leaked, and we’re okay with it

While it may still struggle to compete against the Valve Steam Deck OLED, the ROG Ally X looks to be fairly priced if this leak is true.

Asus ROG Ally X price leaked

It looks as though the Asus ROG Ally X price has just been leaked, and if the figure is right, it’s not as bad as we feared. In addition, the same leaker has also shared some other details about the forthcoming handheld, including the screen, SSD capacity, and CPU.

As one of the best handheld gaming PCs, the ROG Ally was always going to make headlines when a new model was announced. Granted, Asus perhaps hoped for a stronger reaction to the ROG Ally X when it first unveiled the new device, but its reveal left much to be desired.

asus rog ally X details leak on X (Twitter)

According to MysteryLupin on X (formerly Twitter), the Asus ROG Ally X is set to release for a price of $799, and it will be available with a 1TB SSD capacity. Other specs listed on the tweet include the same 7-inch 1080p, 120Hz display, and AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU, as found on the existing flagship model.

Another notable feature is the color, which Lupin lists as being black. This was heavily rumored in the lead-up to the reveal, although it wasn’t confirmed whether black would be the only available option. However, it looks as though that may now be the case.

The $799 price, if confirmed, means the ROG Ally X will launch for $100 more than the original Z1 Extreme model. Asus will need a way to justify this increase when the handheld is finally launched, or public perception of the device will sour very quickly.

If the new ROG Ally X does indeed increase the storage capacity, boost the RAM speed, and double the battery life of the model, as rumored,  while also providing some key design and comfort improvements, then this price increase would look reasonable to me. It could certainly be much worse.

However, a $799 MSRP will still mean the ROG Ally X costs $150 more than the Steam Deck OLED, which is the PC gaming handheld to beat right now. Asus will be hoping that the more detailed reveal of the ROG Ally X at Computex will get gamers suitably excited about the specs and design, whatever the price may be.

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