Avengers game is shutting down, but you can get it for cheap on Steam

Despite the Marvel's Avengers game shutting down you can grab it dirt cheap on Steam via Humble, and it's worth trying the superhero game now for sure.

Avengers game shutting down as Steam sale makes singleplayer worthy: Kamala Khan sat in front of the steam data and a red line graph

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers is shutting down after three years as a live service game. While it struggled from the start, the superhero game definitely still has its merits, so it could very well be the perfect time to go to the Marvel’s Avengers Steam page and nab it, or you can alternatively get it at a colossal discount.

It’s been officially announced that Marvel’s Avengers is shutting down, as no new content or features will be added after the last update on March 31, 2023, with official support ending on September 30, 2023 as well.

You’ll still be able to play both the singleplayer and multiplayer content after that September date, and the March closure will see all marketplace, challenge card, and shipment cosmetic content available for free as “a show of appreciation.”

It’s currently unclear if the last update will see the addition of the long-rumoured She-Hulk to the game, but at this point that seems unlikely.

As of March all in-game credits will be converted into in-game resources, with credits no longer available for purchase. This shutdown of the live service part of Square Enix’s live service game comes less than three years after launch and, while Steam concurrents aren’t everything, when Marvel’s Avengers launched it had around 30,000 players, only for this number to quickly drop to less than 1,000 and rarely climb back up again.

While the Marvel’s Avengers game shutting down is sure to upset many, there is a silver lining that could see a community burn bright like a dying star before being snuffed out – Marvel’s Avengers Steam listing can be purchased on the cheap.

Marvel’s Avengers Steam price is currently $39.99 USD / £29.99, but if you buy the game on Steam via Humble, it’s $7.99 USD / £5.99. Marvel’s Avengers on Steam has this 80% markdown until January 27, 2023, and I’d say it’s worth it. The Avengers game is also available on PC Game Pass, so you could be playing it at no extra cost.

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All of Marvel’s Avengers’ extra characters (and their relevant story content) are free as well. So you get 11 (12 on PlayStation with Spider-Man) characters, a single-player story, and a series of expansions of different sizes with story-based and multiplayer content.

Despite the news that Marvel’s Avengers is shutting down, there’s a lot on offer. I got into the game when the free Black Panther DLC dropped, and, while the live service mechanics can feel like forcing a square peg into a round hole, there’s a great game underneath it all. Playing as Iron Man was my personal highlight, and after I’d finished all the singleplayer stuff available at the time (which there’s admittedly even more of now) I did coast through the live service stuff for a while until Iron Man’s repulsors, and my interest, ran out of fuel.

I’m not going to tell you Marvel’s Avengers is a sleeper hit, or that it’s even an incredibly well-put-together live service game. It does, though, feel like a solid co-op action game that got uprooted and replanted as a live service title and slowly died because of it, but if it interests you even in the slightest you should check it out at its vastly reduced price.

You can find a Marvel’s Avengers Steam code at 80% off over on Humble right now, with the shutdown blog post also available to read in full.

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