Steam’s creepiest new horror game now has a free demo

Backrooms brings unending liminal spaces to Steam, and there's a suitably creepy free demo of the horror game you can play right now.


Unnerving as they are, I love liminal spaces. These endless rooms and corridors that have a distinctly menacing aura about them, but nothing you can quite put your finger on. I have an innate curiosity towards them, and whatever spookiness they might hold. As such, I find Backrooms on Steam to be very enticing indeed.

Essentially, Backrooms is a found footage horror game where you wander through different abandoned spaces. There are creepy houses, dimly lit office corridors, and woods as dark as night. They contain cryptids and other oddities, and all you’ve to do is survive and record as much as you can.

It’s somewhere between Blair Witch and an endless runner, and I’m all the way in based on the demo that’s available on Steam. The quasi-ghost game leaves a haunting impression, with hyper-realistic environments, rendered in ’90s VHS crackle.

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The key to these kind of experiences, to me at least, is a feeling that something very wrong has already happened, or about to happen. Backrooms does that very well. Developer Found Footage Studios plans to add new levels every second week, but the upcoming PC game will have an editor so you can make your own to trade with other players.

There’s co-op too, so you can all be spooked out together. Multiplayer games of this ilk do very well on Twitch and YouTube, and I wouldn’t be surprise if Backrooms finds an audience there too. You should check it out now if you want a quiet chill while the evenings are still cold and dark.

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