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Win Baldur’s Gate 3 freebies with Larian’s charming Christmas game

Have a very Baldur's Gate 3 Christmas with Larian's 'How the Gremishka stole Christmas' advent calendar, complete with downloadable treats.

Baldur's Gate 3's Shadowheart, a female elf, with a Santa hat and a snowball coming towards her.

Digital or not, Baldur’s Gate 3 is bound to be on a lot of Christmas lists. So, to celebrate the season and the game’s success, developer Larian Studios has launched their own daily Baldur’s Gate 3 advent calendar. Let’s hope there aren’t any tadpoles behind those doors.

‘Tis the season to have tadpoles in your head, or at least it is if you’re playing award-winning fantasy RPG game Baldur’s Gate 3. And dealing with Mind Flayers is a slightly more pressing matter than hanging your stocking up.

But that hasn’t stopped developer Larian Studios from delivering their own present, a BG3-themed online advent calendar. Telling the story of  ‘How the Gremishka stole Christmas,’ it also features digital freebies for anyone able to beat each daily challenge.

Don’t worry, we’re not talking Wordle-level here. All you have to do to unlock each entry is complete a card-matching memory game. You absolutely cannot fail and you’ll get either a piece of the story or a digital download.

It’s day two of the calendar and today’s reward is an audio clip of BG3’s street noise. It’s rather relaxing, like wandering through a Christmas market, without someone charging you $10 for a thimbleful of mulled wine.

Yesterday’s prize was a little more sinister, the first chapter of ‘How the Gremishka stole Christmas.’ Gremishkas are magic-seeking cat-like creatures that you’ll probably have run into playing the game. Are they cute? Yes. Will they eat your magic and your face? Also yes.

A Baldur's Gate 3 advent calendar.

And, this being Baldur’s Gate 3, don’t count on ‘How the Gremishka stole Christmas’ sharing its inspiration’s happy ending. So far, there’s no word on whether Baldur’s Gate 3’s much-loved companions will turn up. Though with Bing Bong now officially canon, I’m hoping for a cameo from Shadowheart’s favourite imp.

You can play ‘A Very Baldur’s Gate 3 Christmas’ here and catch up on any doors you may have missed. There’ll be a door every day until Christmas with 12 surprises to uncover.

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