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Baldur’s Gate 3’s new epilogue makes fan favorite character canon

A fan-favorite Baldur’s Gate 3 character from the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop session played by its cast is now official in BG3 patch 5.

Baldur's Gate 3 Bing Bong is now canon - Shadowheart, a pale-faced elf with dark hair and wearing heavy eyeshadow.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is absolutely packed with amazing characters in every corner of its vast world. Yet as a Dungeons and Dragons RPG game, a big part of the appeal is player creativity, so it’s beautiful to see one of the most popular BG3 characters that wasn’t made by developer Larian Studios recognized in an official in-game capacity as part of BG3 patch 5.

Of course, fair warning before we go any further that this story does include slight spoilers for the new Baldur’s Gate 3 epilogue.

Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 5 continues Larian’s endless march of new tweaks and features, as the team continues to upgrade one of 2023’s best RPG games with numerous free updates. Its latest update introduces an epilogue that takes place right at the end of the Baldur’s Gate 3 story, giving you a chance to spend time with all your favorite characters and earn “a well-deserved sense of closure.”

With more than 3,000 lines of dialogue involved, there’s a whole wealth of new conversations to be uncovered, and one of the most exciting nods is to a beloved character from the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game that was played by the Baldur’s Gate 3 cast, who represent the game’s six origin characters. That’s right: Bing Bong is now officially part of Baldur’s Gate 3 canon.

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Introduced by the game’s dungeon master Mark Hulmes, Bing Bong is an imp who Shadowheart and Lae’zel meet while visiting a market. Named for his role as a door attendant and the noise he made while letting people through, Bing Bong takes to Shadowheart and ultimately joined the crew, where he lives a long and happy life and absolutely nothing bad happens to him.

To commemorate Bing Bong’s part in BG3 history, Larian has seen fit to have Shadowheart’s voice actor Jennifer English, who fell in love with the imp during their adventure, record a nod to the moment. As part of one of her new ending romance options, Shadowheart now mentions “that stray imp that joined us – Bing Bong, wasn’t it?” You can see the new dialogue in the video below beginning at the one minute mark, courtesy of ‘Kazuliski.’

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It’s exactly the kind of fun easter egg I’d expect from the team at Larian Studios, and a reminder of just how connected it is to the game’s wider community. Small touches like this are the perfect way to put a smile on players’ faces with one hand, as the ultra-challenging, no save-scumming Honor Mode introduced with patch 5 sticks the knife in with the other. And what’s more Dungeons and Dragons than that?

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