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Baldur’s Gate 3 players are tired of getting ‘boned’ by a lack of loot

While there's a lot to loot in Baldur's Gate 3, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and a Pile of Bones is just... filled with bones.

The size of Baldur’s Gate 3 is insurmountable, pure and simple. To experience everything the game has to offer takes multiple playthroughs, hundreds of hours of playtime and in-depth knowledge of every obscure mechanic and hidden interaction. Which is why you can be forgiven for wanting to open up every single container in the game to check for yummy loot.

But the majority of those containers are inevitably going to be full of junk. It’s why players over on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit are creating memes at their own expense that mock their incessant need to check every single beheaded corpse, pile of bones or mound of viscera for lootable items, only to find that the Pile of Bones is only home to a lonely Bone. Reddit users u/rawshock012 and u/oceanchamp8 have both posted bone-related memes to r/BaldursGate3 in the last day, receiving thousands of upvotes from players sympathetic to their plight.

Given that players are still stumbling across characters in one of the all-time best RPG games that can be pickpocketed (or beaten up) for unique named items, you can forgive them for wanting to check every nook and cranny for potential loot. I personally have been saved more than once by a thieves tools or trap disarm kit I’ve stumbled across in an errant chest after breaking all mine stubbornly trying to open a locked chest with Gale instead of just switching to Astarion.

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