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Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid build

Learn how to maul foes as ferocious animals while slinging spells as a tree-hugging nature lover with our Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid guide.

baldurs gate 3 druid class character

What’s the best Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid build? That’s a difficult question to answer – as one of the most versatile BG3 classes, Druids can fill just about any role in your party, from damage-dealing bear tank to a utility and healing specialist. Our guide breaks down all the options available to you, including the three confirmed subclasses: Circle of the Moon, Circle of the Land, and Circle of the Spores.

If Druids don’t pique your interest in Baldur’s Gate 3, our comprehensive guide of the best BG3 classes available may have a role you’d prefer. If you’re here though, you must be somewhat intrigued by the shapeshifting Druid, so here’s the best BG3 Druid build, including which of the BG3 races you should select to compliment it.

baldurs gate 3 druid meets a bear

BG3 Druid build guide

Here is the best Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid build:

  • Subclass – Circle of the Moon
  • Race – Wood Elf
  • Background – Outlander
  • Skills – Animal Handling and Nature
  • Weapon – Any Quarterstaff or Club

Best Druid abilities

We recommend these ability scores for your Druid. Note that using Wild Shape changes your ability scores, so these matter only in your base form.

Here are the best stats for Druid:

  • Strength – 10
  • Dexterity – 17
  • Constitution – 12
  • Intelligence – 10
  • Wisdom – 16
  • Charisma – 10

Feel free to lower strength, intelligence, or charisma to 8 in order to buff up one or the other to 12; however, we recommend leaving them at 10 for a more balanced lover of nature. It’s important to not neglect dexterity and constitution due to how valuable they are at keeping you alive if you haven’t used Wild Shape. Not every battle against goblins and bandits requires you to unleash ursine fury. On the contrary, as Wild Shape is limited to twice per short rest at first, we recommend saving it for tougher opponents.

Strength is less important because of the cantrip Shillelagh, which allows you to enchant your quarterstaff or club to deal damage based off of your wisdom modifier instead of strength.

baldurs gate 3 wood elf druid in character creation

Best Druid race

The best race for Druid is the Wood-Elf.

Wood Elves are the best races for Druids not only because it gives a +1 bonus to Wisdom, but because the class receives other racial benefits such as Longbow and Shortbow proficiency that can make great use of a Druid’s high dexterity. They also have a Base Racial Speed of 10.5 meters, which increases the amount they can move per turn, and gain a proficiency in Stealth. Thematically, they also fit the best.

Best Druid Background

Adventuring through Faerun is more than just combat. While the Druid class definitely can make use of the likes of intimidation and insight, leaning into its tree-hugging roots will make for a versatile adventurer outside of the big cities.

  • Background: Outlander – This background provides athletics and survival, both key for exploring the dangers of The Sword Coast. Thematically, it also fits. The Outlander subclass provides an increase in Athletics and Survival skills.

baldurs gate 3 wolves howl together

Best Druid spells, skills, and leveling

This guide provides insight on what spells and skills to use as you level up your Druid. At the moment, this guide only covers up to level 5.

Level 2

  • Poison Spray

Level 3

  • Underdark

Level 4

  • Guidance
  • Mobile

Level 5

  • Coast

Level 7

  • Swamp

Level 8

  • Tough

Level 9

  • Forest

Level 10

  • Resistence

Level 12

  • Alert

Best Druid equipment

The best Druid equipment is:

  • Shapeshifter Hat
    • Increase your Wild Shape charge by one.
  • Knife of the Undermountain King
    • The wielder scores a critical hit when rolling a 19. When they toll two damage or less, reroll the dive, taking the highest result.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid character creation overview

Here’s some valuable information on class features, mechanics, and sub classics that will help you decide what kind of Druid you want to run.

Class Features

  • Club proficiency
  • Dagger proficiency
  • Dart proficiency
  • Javelin proficiency
  • Light armor proficiency
  • Mace proficiency
  • Medium armor proficiency
  • Quarterstaff proficiency
  • Scimitar proficiency
  • Shield proficiency
  • Sickle proficiency
  • Sling proficiency
  • Spear proficiency

They also have proficiency in wisdom and intelligence saving throws and come equipped with two level 1 spell slots. Furthermore, they can select two cantrips from level 1. Cantrips do not take up spell slots.

Unique Mechanics: Wild Shape

  • Wild Shape – Druids gain access to this feature at level 2, along with the option to choose one of three subclasses. Wild Shape can be initially used twice per short rest. You can also speak to animals when you use Wild Shape; however, while transformed, you cannot cast spells and revert back to a normal form when you reach 0 hit points.

You can change into five different ferocious beasts at level two, with the option to change into more at higher levels. These include: badger, bear, cat, spider, wolf, and later a dire raven and deep rothe. Each animal form has different skills, these are as follows:

  • Badger: Burrow into the ground, knocking enemies prone when you reappear. It has 13 hit points
  • Bear: Draw aggression from enemies, protecting your allies. It has 30 hit points (Circle of the Moon only)
  • Cat: Attract attention with an adorable meow. It has 2 hit points.
  • Spider: Spiders can web-up enemies to slow them down. It has 20 hit points
  • Wolf: A fierce howl allows you to buff your allies’ movement range. It has 18 hit points
  • Dire Raven: Blind enemies with a vicious peck. It has 21 hit points (Circle of the Moon only)
  • Deep Rothe: You can charge enemies to knock them prone. It has 23 hit points

baldurs gate 3 gold dwarf druid in character creation

Circle of the Moon Subclass Features

Circle of the Moon focuses on the shapeshifting aspect of the Druid’s arsenal. They gain Combat Wild Shape, which makes Wild Shape a bonus action. They also receive the powerful Lunar Mend spell, which can be cast while in beast form, and access to the Bear and Dire Raven forms.

Circle of the Land Subclass Features

Circle of the Land leans into the spellcasting aspect of the Druid. While they can still use Wild Shape, they cannot use it as a bonus action. The main feature of this subclass is the Natural Recovery feature, which restores spell slots without a long rest. They also receive a wider range of spells to choose from and more Cantrips.

Circle of Spores Subclass Features

The features of this subclass are currently unconfirmed as it was not part of early access. We will update when we know more; however, from what Larian Studios has revealed, it leans heavily into decay, spores, and the undead.

With the best Baldur’s Gate 3 Druid build ready to go, you’re all set to destroy enemies while in any form and help any party members out, too. If you want those party members to be your irl friends, then check out how to engage in BG3 multiplayer, but make sure you and your buds have the best team comp – try not to argue too much about who’s taking which class, though.