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Baldur’s Gate 3 crowned GOTY, likely not for the last time

The Golden Joystick Awards just crowned Baldur's Gate 3 the Ultimate Game of the Year, a title that Larian Studios will likely win again.

Baldur's Gate 3 GOTY: A mindflayer with long purple tentacles portruding from his face stands with glowing eyes, wearing black and red armor

Baldur’s Gate 3 is my favorite game of all time, and then some. Larian Studios created an immersive virtual Dungeons & Dragons experience like no other I’ve played before, and I’m still obsessing over the game’s lore months following its initial release date. Now that a good portion of the public has played through Larian Studios’ masterpiece and game award events have commenced, I’m excited to see Baldur’s Gate 3 win as 2023’s GOTY at The Golden Joystick Awards.

Out of every 2023 RPG game to come out thus far, I would recommend Baldur’s Gate 3 as this year’s must-play. It sparked my love for Larian Studios’ previous games, like the Divinity duo. With a perfect 10/10 on Steam and overwhelmingly positive reviews overall, the DnD game is showing no signs of slowing down either. It’s still one of the top ten played games on Valve’s platform according to Steam’s charts, and this year’s Golden Joystick Awards speak to its ongoing popularity.

The public cast around five million votes total to pick their winning games in 20 different categories at the event. Out of these 20, Baldur’s Gate 3 and Larian Studios won a whopping seven titles. The game’s most significant win is that of the Ultimate Game of the Year category, where it has proven victorious over other behemoth entries such as Bethesda’s long-awaited Starfield. Larian Studios’ other impressive wins include Best Game Community, Best Storytelling, and PC Game of the Year.

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Larian Studios itself won the award for Studio of the Year, while Neil Newbon, the voice actor behind my most beloved character Astarion, won the category of Best Supporting Performer as well. These Golden Joystick Awards are likely just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Baldur’s Gate 3’s overall wins, as other such events celebrating 2023’s best games are yet to come.

Considering its game’s success thus far, we may soon see Baldur’s Gate 3 rise to the top during The Game Awards this year. The event announces its nominees on Monday, November 13, with the awards themselves coming in December. We’ll also find out whether or not Borislav Slavov, the RPG’s composer, wins at the 14th Hollywood Music in Media Awards as he is one of the nominees.

If you’re like me and you’re also on your millionth playthrough of Larian Studios’ banger RPG, then you may be looking for ways to spice the base game up a bit now. You can do so for free with our handy list of the best Baldur’s Gate 3 mods around. Alternatively, look through our roundup of the greatest Baldur’s Gate 3 builds to make your next run as easy as it is different.