This Baldur’s Gate 3 gear combination makes you virtually invincible

Worried about Baldur's Gate 3's many hostile creatures grinding you to a pulp? One armor/stat combination makes you all but unkillable.

Karlach, a red, one-horned woman, with a sword shattering on her shoulder.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a fantastic RPG, one which has rightly been sweeping the game of the year awards. Aside from its story and characters, it also offers a huge amount of flexibility, letting you do pretty much anything. However, as has been revealed, that includes piling on so much armor that you become unkillable.

Playing Baldur’s Gate 3, if something suddenly occurs to you chances are you can get away with it. Want to blow up an enemy base with exploding barrels? Go right ahead. Feel like digging up a local graveyard and casting speak with dead, just for a laugh? This RPG game will let you get away with it, even though the local NPCs might not.

And, as one player has discovered, if you play your cards right you can become practically unkillable. There’s a combination of armor and stats that will raise your armor class so high that, barring some top-tier critical hits, nothing can touch you.

Spotted by TheGamer, Redditor Yervax has stacked up enough gear to raise their armor class to 31.  It helps that they have a +5 bonus from their character’s dexerity but, that aside, it’s all gear.

The combination they’re using is:

  • +17  from base armor,
  • +5 from dexterity,
  • +4 from a shield,
  • +1 from a a Ring of Protection,
  • +1 from a Cloak of Protection,
  • +1 from Evasive Shoes
  • +1 from Troubadour’s Wonder (a passive Bard skill)
  • +1 from Warning Bond.

A Baldur's Gate 3 screen showing a list of armour.

That cranks their armor class up to 31, explaining that “except for the rare crit and saving throws, no attacks are touching me.”

That’s a pretty impressive feat, though as several other Redditors point out, it gives you less reason to care about your Baldur’s Gate 3 companions.

Normally, they’re instrumental in ensuring victory but when you’re this invulnerable, who cares? Withers can resurrect them later. “As long as Shadowheart survives, I’m good. That’s why she has the second highest AC in my party,” Yervax replies. Good to know they have their priorities straight.

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Is this cheating? Not really, no, although if this were a live DnD game you can bet the Games Master would do something to erode this advantage. We’ll have to see whether Larian does anything about this or just lets Yervax’s super-build be.

If you do want to cheat, here are all Baldur’s Gate 3’s console commands and cheats. Or to do things properly, check out the best Baldur’s Gate 3 builds.

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