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Baldur’s Gate 3’s Laezel just wants to watch 300 and cry at Titanic

We sit down with Devora Wilde to craft the ideal movie marathon for our favorite Baldur’s Gate 3 companion, from historical epics to catty teen comedies.

Baldur's Gate 3's Lae'zel stands with her sword raised as a phalanx of spartans from Zack Snyder's 300 stands ready behind her.

PCGamesN sat down with Baldur’s Gate 3 voice actor Devora Wilde at WASD to discuss all things githyanki, as we reflect on her stellar performance as the RPG game‘s warrior queen Lae’zel. However, while we get into the weeds of character development and the freedom that comes with playing an unlikeable female character, there’s still just enough time to ask the burning question: if Wilde had to host a movie night for her warlike Baldur’s Gate 3 counterpart, what would she choose?

“I’m thinking 300 or Gladiator,” Wilde says. “Probably 300. Gladiator gets a bit emotional.”

It’s easy to imagine our favorite githyanki warrior delighting in the epic skirmishes of Zack Snyder’s comic book bloodbath, or Russell Crowe’s gladiatorial prowess in the Roman Colosseum. But Wilde throws a surprise curveball: “I would love to end with a classic Titanic, to melt her little githyanki heart.”

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This only prompts more questions. Wilde concurs that Lae’zel would be angry about the infamous Titanic door debate, “but I think deep down, she would appreciate the love story. But very deep down. Like, very deep down.”

Of course, the only thing that’s tender about a Baldur’s Gate 3 romance with Lae’zel are the bruises you both accrue during your flesh-bond battle – at first. Anyone who’s seen a relationship with her to the end credits knows that Lae’zel has hidden depths, even if she’s not the best at vocalizing her feelings. “I think she would secretly shed a tear. Just a single tear, almost transparent,” Wilde declares, miming a tear tracking down her cheek.

“Also Mean Girls,” Wilde adds, then pauses. “Although, I don’t think she’d get it.” I can’t help but agree – in fact, I’d argue that there are enough mean girls in the roster of prospective companions that the iconic teen flick isn’t a million miles away from the RPG game. Perhaps with fewer tadpoles.

Baldur's Gate 3's Lae'zel gazes out into the sunset at the culmination of the player's romance arc with her, where we see the full facet of her character as performed by Devora Wilde.

Naturally, our conversation drifts into what films we’d show other Baldur’s Gate 3 companions. “Would Astarion go for a classic vampire flick, or would it be too close to home?” Wilde ponders. We agree that Astarion’s deep-seated trauma might rule out the potential for a double-bill of Nosferatu and Dracula. Shadowheart, in the meantime, would opt for “something intense” like a thriller – though perhaps her conflict with Lae’zel is intense enough.

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