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Baldur’s Gate 3 Silver Ingot - where to find and how to use

If you find a BG3 silver ingot in your inventory and aren’t sure what to do with it, here’s all the uses for the item, and where to gather more.

Two Baldur's Gate 3 silver ingots on the backdrop of a large castle in Baldur's Gate.

How do you use Baldur’s Gate 3 silver ingot? The item can be found fairly early on in the game but its use isn’t immediately obvious, so you might be wondering whether to sell the metallic chunk for cash or keep it stashed away for the future. Well, we’ve read on to find out what we’ve discovered about the BG3 silver ingot and its uses.

With no bag of holding or BG3 mods to increase your storage capacity, your inventory in Baldur’s Gate 3 fills up pretty fast. Naturally, when you’re in desperate need of some free slots, you look for anything you can get rid of – better still, anything you can sell for a quick buck. Something that you might find clogging up your storage are BG3 silver ingots, bronze ingots, or even gold ingots, but should you save them up for crafting or upgrading your BG3 weapons, or should you just trade them in for gold pieces? Here’s what we know.

What do Baldur’s Gate 3 silver ingots do?

BG3 silver ingots can be sold for 50 gold pieces each. In the early game, they’re a great way to earn some cash, but you should retain some for when you are able to upgrade gear later on.

We’re still gathering more information on using ingots in BG3 crafting, since the workbench is unlocked fairly late in the game. While you wait, you may as well free up any inventory space by selling them for 50 Gp, as they’re a great way to ensure you have cash to spare.

The in-game item description for Baldur's Gate 3 gold ingot.

BG3 bronze and gold ingots

As well as valuable silver ingots, you might find yourself picking up bronze and even gold ingots, as well. These, like the BG3 silver ingot, can be sold for gold pieces.

Baldur’s Gate 3 ingot values:

  • Bronze ingot: 20 Gp
  • Silver ingot: 50 Gp
  • Gold ingot: 100 Gp

Where to find BG3 ingots?

Ingots can mostly be found in chests and crates throughout Baldur’s Gate 3, along with tons of other valuable items. As with most RPG games, make sure you pick everything up when killing enemies, and loot the corpses of all slain foes to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind.

So, with a few silver ingots in your Baldur’s Gate 3 inventory, you shouldn’t find yourself short of cash. You are introduced to other methods of upgrading your items as you work your way through the many BG3 quests. You might take a while to get there though – as we discuss in our Baldur’s Gate 3 review, it’s a pretty hefty game.