Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock build

Pay tribute to your patron, master the art of the arcane, and gain control over the mind with our best Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock build.

What is the best Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock build? Magic-wielders who have long since sold their soul, the Warlock worships all-powerful beings, serving their nefarious purposes, and in return, being granted pure, unbridled power. While your patron’s motives may be questionable, the abilities you receive from them aren’t.

As you jump into the Baldur’s Gate 3 character creator, you have many choices to make. One of the most important, though, is which of the BG3 classes to select. Once you do a BG3 class in mind, it’s time to nail down the specifics of your build. We’ve gone through and mastered the Warlock, so you know which spells to unlock, which Baldur’s Gate 3 race suits the class best, and which subclass gives you the most power. Here is the best BG3 Warlock build.

Baldur's Gate 3 Warlock build: a female with bright red skin and horns.

Best BG3 Warlock build

The best Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock build is:

  • Subclass – The Great Old One
  • Race – Tiefling
  • Background – Sage
  • Skills – Charisma and intelligence

Best Warlock subclass

The best subclass for Warlock is the Great Old One due to the powerful control you have over the minds of your enemies.

The Mortal Reminder feature of the Great Old One will frighten your target and any nearby enemies whenever you score a critical hit against them. With that amount of crowd control in your kit, handling large groups of enemies is a walk in the park.

Best Warlock abilities

Here are the best abilities for the Warlock:

  • Strength – 8
  • Dexterity – 12
  • Constitution – 14
  • Intelligence – 14
  • Wisdom – 10
  • Charisma – 17

With the Great Old One granting you access to a multitude of mind-control spells, having a high charisma stat will give these powerful spells as much chance as possible of being successful. It also doesn’t hurt that you can sweet-talk the vendor in town.

Baldur's Gate 3 Warlock build: a purple skinned female with horns and urple hair.

Best Warlock race

The ideal race for the Warlock is the Mephistopheles Tiefling. You gain a few useful features playing as this race, including Hellish Resistance and Darkvision, as well as a plus two to your Charisma ability.

Best Warlock background

The best background for Warlock is the Sage.

Gaining proficiencies in both arcana and history, you’ll be in an ideal position to take on all tasks from your fiendish patron with the Sage background. The insatiable thirst for knowledge will only aid you in growing stronger as a magic caster.

Baldur's Gate 3 Warlock build: a red ksinned female with black and red hair, and horns.

Best Warlock spells and leveling

You’ll have plenty of Baldur’s Gate 3 spells at your disposal as the Warlock, and you get a chance to start honing your build from level one with the subclasses. You can rely on Eldrich Blast as your bread-and-butter damage tool, as it has unlimited uses being a cantrip.

Level 2

  • Hellish Rebuke
  • Agonising Blast
  • Beast Speech

Level 3

  • Cloud of Daggers
  • Pact of the Tome

Level 4

  • Mage Hand
  • Scorching Ray
  • Ability Improvement (charisma)

Level 5

  • Fireball
  • Repelling Blast

Level 6

  • Counterspell

Level 7

  • Wall of Fire
  • Sculptor of Flesh

Level 8

  • Hunger of Hadar
  • Alert

Level 9

  • Cone of Cold
  • Beguiling Influence

Level 10

  • True Strike
  • Grant Flight

Level 11

  • Circle of Death
  • Blindness

Level 12

  • Gaseous Form
  • Lifedrinker
  • Spell Sniper (Ray of Frost)

Best Warlock equipment

The best equipment for Warlock is:

  • Infernal Rapier
    • Add spellcasting modifier to attack rolls.
  • Pyroquickness Hat
    • Whenever you deal fire damage to an enemy, burn yourself, and gain an extra bonus action.

Baldur's Gate 3 Warlock build: a purple skinned female with horns and purple hair.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock character creation overview

The Warlock is a great damage dealer, and manipulator of people, if you don’t mind leaving your morals at the door. They serve powerful beings in exchange for their abilities, and while this may seem like a pretty sweet deal, there’s no telling what you’ll have to do to maintain your powers.

Class features

  • Wisdom saving throw proficiency
  • Charisma saving throw proficiency
  • Light armor proficiency
  • Simple weapon proficiency

The Fiend subclass

Gravitating towards the evil end of the spectrum, The Fiend subclass would see your Warlock in service with, well, fiends. Hellish creatures that both encourage and reward destructive actions.

  • Dark One’s Blessing

The Great Old One

Bound to eldritch beings in the Far Realms, the Great Old One subclass is shrouded in mystery, with the ultimate goal of your benefactor unknown to you. This subclass grants your Warlock powerful spells that control the mind.

  • Mortal Reminder

Now you have the best Baldur’s Gate 3 Warlock build, there won’t be anything to stop you from doing your master’s bidding. Warp minds, charm – and perhaps romance – the locals, and cause chaos wherever you go. If you’re more of a goody two shoes, try our best BG3 Paladin build, and spread the good word. We’ve also got a rundown of all the BG3 races to play as.