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The best weapon in FPS games won’t be in BattleBit

The BattleBit Remastered developers have discussed some of the new features that are coming to the game - specifically, whether or not we'll see shotguns.

The best weapon in FPS games won't be in BattleBit: A Battlebit character shooting another in an indoor brick area

As we all know, shotguns have been a staple in pretty much all of the best FPS games. From DOOM to the Battlefield series, shotguns have seemingly always been in our collective arsenal. In a recent BattleBit AMA on the PC Gaming subreddit, the developers received a slew of questions, including one about whether the beloved boomsticks will ever be added to the BattleBit roster.

It seems some will be left disappointed, as the BattleBit developer ‘TheLiquidHorse’ has responded with a resounding “no shotguns.” This has spurred various reactions within both the thread, but also within the wider community, with one Reddit user mentioning that they would rather have shotguns added to the list of Battlebit guns instead of SMGs.

A comment from a BattleBi dev confirming shotguns will not be added to the game

Well known YouTuber Charlie ‘LevelCapGaming’ Goldberg spoke about this decision, saying that he respects it. He goes on to mention that shotguns are not necessarily used within armies of today, and are mainly reserved for door breaching instead.

Perhaps this is the reason BattleBit has chosen to retire the weapon, but I’m inclined to say they should just add it.

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I previously mentioned Battlefield, which has clearly inspired Battlebit in many ways. The game has always had shotguns, as have other wartime games like Call of Duty, and even more fantastical games like Valorant. Considering that Battlebit isn’t nearly as realistic as Battlefield, the suggestion that shotguns aren’t added because of the lack of realism is quite odd.

Then again, I have to ask: is it something the game will really miss, or have we been saved from an absolute menace? While you ponder that, why not have a look at our list of all of the currently active BattleBit codes, and our rundown of all the best BattleBit gadgets to help you dominate – shotgun, or no shotgun.