BattleBit guns tier list – best weapons

Here is a definitive tier list of the best BattleBit guns, including assault rifles, submachine guns, pistols, and more to master in this action-packed FPS.

Screenshot of one of the best Battlebit guns in action.

What are the best BattleBit guns? With servers that can take up to 254 players, you’re going to need a BattleBit tier list featuring the best weapons open on a second screen or device. Unless you’re picking the right class and rolling out with the best gun, you’re going to struggle to fight through the rabble and capture the nearly two-dozen maps available at launch.

BattleBit has flown to the top of the Steam charts in mid-2023 as a fresh, chaotic, and ridiculously large online shooter that’s trying to pull off what big-budget releases have promised yet struggled to deliver for years. If you want to dominate the battlefield, you’re going to need to best weaponry, so here are the best guns to use in Battlebit.

What are the best BattleBit guns?

The best BattleBit guns are:

  • FAL
  • AK74
  • MK14 EBR
  • M200
  • P90

We’ll update this list to reflect the latest meta as and when that changes.

Screenshot of one of the best Battlebit guns in action.

BattleBit guns tier list

Here is the BattleBit guns tier list for July:

Tier Gun
S FAL, AK74, MK14 EBR, M200, P90
A HK419, L86A1,M4A1, M110, FAMAS, GROZA, AK15, MP7, SSG 69, KRISS Vector
B Glock 18, Honey Badger, L96, AS VAL, G36C, M249, MK20, MP5, MSR, UNICA, SVD, Scorpion, MG36
C PP19, PP2000, REM700, SCAR-H, SV-98, UMP-45, Ultimax100
D Desert Eagle, ACR, AUG 23, M9, MP 443, USP, Rsh12, AK5C

Being labeled a ‘Remaster’ is probably already spelling out the obvious, but if it isn’t clear, BattleBit isn’t an entirely new game. Though it’s only now making waves thanks to the Steam Early Access program, it’s been live and playable elsewhere since at least 2022.

Dedicated players from the game’s early days have secured thousands of kills with a roster of weapons that’s only grown slightly with the latest release. The community has had a long time to theorycraft, discuss, and shape the strength of the game’s weapons, making the BattleBit tier list definitive.

Since the move to early access, a lot of the best BattleBit weapons have been buffed, nerfed, and changed exponentially. The BattleBit tier list takes all that into account and should serve as a way to help you pick up more kills and fewer deaths.

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There’s a high chance of more balance patches rolling out now that hundreds of thousands of players are feeding weapons data to the developers. Skill will always matter more than raw stats, but it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with more than one BattleBit firearm.

With this tier list, keep in mind that the Rsh12, Ultimax100, Scorpion, MG36, and AK5C are all brand-new for the early access release, though their initial reception hasn’t been great. This could mean they’re poised for a buff in the near future in order to break into the top tiers.

Think BattleBit could take on the FPS titans? If you’re wondering if BattleBit is free, or what the BattleBit platforms are, we’ve got you covered. If you’re wondering why this one is proving so popular, it could be partially chalked up to the banning of Minecraft guns causing an exodus of regular players eager to find another block-based avenue for their thrills and kills. Still not got what you’re after? Perhaps the best FPS games or some of the best free PC games are more up your shooting alley.