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Is BattleBit free?

If you're wondering if Battlebit Remastered is a free game, we have all the relevant pricing information for the early access FPS game taking Steam by storm.

Battlebit Remastered free: a soldier running into battle as his comrades take cover behind shipping containers.

Is BattleBit a free Steam game? You’d be forgiven for assuming that Battlebit Remastered is a free game due to how it looks – the low-poly models and relatively stripped-back effects scream Roblox, but once you sit down and play the FPS, you’ll be blown away with the exceptional gunplay and hilarious voice comms.

If that sounds enticing, you’re a fan of low-poly Battlefield-style gameplay, and you want to know if BattleBit is free to play, you need only take one glance at the FPS game‘s Steam page. You may have other big questions before you dive into your first match, such as whether or not the BattleBit servers are down, or the BattleBit platforms you can play the game on.

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Is BattleBit free to play?

No, BattleBit Remastered is not a free-to-play game. BattleBit Remastered is a Steam Early Access game that costs $14.99, with the first supporter pack priced at $19.99. You can buy them together at a current discounted price of $33.23.

If the news that BattleBit isn’t free doesn’t deter you, you should also probably find out if BattleBit controller support works. If the price is too much for you to commit to, check out our free PC games to see if there are other shooters that are worth your time. We can also tell you if BattleBit codes are a thing.