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BattleBit update comes as Steam player count drops by 90% since launch

BattleBit update 2.1.9 is here with a new map and plenty of work arounds, meanwhile the player count is the lowest it's ever been for the multiplayer game.

BattleBit update 2.1.9: a blocky man in full military gear running across the screen

A new BattleBit update is here to breathe even more life into the multiplayer shooter, as a new map, XP changes and a series of quality-of-life improvements come to the game. The 2.1.9 update comes at a time when BattleBit’s player count is the lowest it’s ever been, though, with the current player numbers around just 12.5% of what they were at launch, or roughly a 90% drop off.

BattleBit update 2.1.9 brings a new map Kodiak, changes to weekly challenge rewards, bug fixes, and a slew of quality-of-life improvements across the FPS game. It also comes as the Steam player count has dropped to around 12.5% of its launch peak, with the continued support from the team hopefully widening the player base over time.

First up, Kodiak was designed with “infantry gameplay as the primary focus,” as the 1×1 km Alaska-inspired map comes with multiple areas dedicated to close-quarters, mid, and long-range combat. A bomb shelter also offers safe passage under the empty fields that act as a hunting ground for snipers.

BattleBit update 2.1.9: a breakdown of what's being added in the update

You’ll also find the remaining weekly challenge time displayed on the relevant panel in-game, with the bonus for completion increased from 100,000 XP to 250,000 XP. On top of that, players can no longer switch their bandaging target (themselves or a friend) mid-application unless they’re bandaging another player who moves away.

Roofs also now have parapets to give players more cover during firefights, and map votes are now entirely random, with votes correlating to a greater chance that a map will be picked, instead of a definite selection. You can find the full BattleBit 2.1.9 patch notes online courtesy of the development team, with even more minor fixes detailed.

The new BattleBit update comes as the overall player count has seen a steady decline though, as the game’s June early access launch saw around 80,000 players in the game at one time, while daily peaks these days sit at roughly 10,000 players. This is a drop to around 12.5% of the launch peak, but it’s still very possible that the numbers could improve.

BattleBit update 2.1.9: a chart showing the BattleBit player count over the last few months

BattleBit is currently still only in Steam Early Access, and a full launch with all the fine-tuning and feedback from the community will likely see the multiplayer shooter skyrocket back up the charts.

There are still a steady number of players in BattleBit mind you, but as the Steam Charts statistics show, there’s been quite the drop off since launch.

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