“Stealth” changes to Battlefield 2042 drum mags will be reverted

Battlefield 2042 update 3.2 introduced a few changes that weren't included in the official patch notes, like longer ADS time for drum and extended magazines.

Sundance holding onto the M5A3 assault rifle in Battlefield 2042.

Some changes introduced to Battlefield 2042 in update 3.2 are being reverted following complaints from players, EA/DICE has announced. The longer aim-down-sights times for drum magazines and extended magazines, intended to balance these attachments and encourage other choices in the multiplayer game’s weapon loadouts, weren’t included in the official update 3.2 patch notes, and players weren’t crazy about them when they discovered them.

“We’ve heard your concerns about the recent Drum and Extended Mag changes as part of Update 3.2,” the developers write on the Battlefield Direct Communications Twitter account. “We’ll be reverting this change in the near future.”

Nerfing Battlefield 2042’s drum and extended mags did make a certain amount of sense, since their overall effect is to reduce the amount of time you spend reloading and have almost no downsides. As frequently happens in competitive games, that means these attachments become dominant must-picks, effectively eliminating what might otherwise be an interesting choice from an array of viable options.

However, lengthening weapons’ aim-down-sights times – combined with the fact that the changes weren’t mentioned in the patch notes – hasn’t sat well with Battlefield 2042’s players, and EA/DICE has decided to roll back the ‘stealth’ changes to drum mags and extended magazines.

“It’s very important for us to act upon your feedback, and we’ll continue to make adjustments based on that feedback and the data we see as updates continue to roll out,” the studio says.

So far, the devs haven’t said when this will happen exactly, but it should be fairly soon.

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