Free PC game giveaway – Skyrim meets Disco Elysium

Elder Scrolls Skyrim and superlative story-driven adventure Disco Elysium combine for a dark RPG available for absolutely nothing on the Epic Games Store.

Epic free game: A young woman with a stony glare from RPG game Black Book

Skyrim will always be the first game I think of now whenever I see snow or spells, or anything inspired by folklore and mythology. Similarly, though it was only released in 2019, Disco Elysium has come to epitomize a certain hand-drawn visual style and focus on choices and dialogue – if I’m thinking character-driven, well-told drama, my mind goes first to ZA/UM’s RPG game. And this is where Black Book comes in, a dark, wintry adventure with an in-depth lore, turn-based combat, and extremely stylish world design. And the best part, it’s available now for free on the Epic Games Store.

In Black Book you play a young sorceress who has devoted her life to fighting the malevolent forces that threaten her town. Sounds like standard RPG stuff so far, but developed by Morteshka, Black Book has a unique focus on Slavic myth, and lifts its characters, monsters, and aesthetics from real-life folklore.

With card-based combat, choice-driven dialogue, and a roving narrative that encompasses dozens of sidequests, Black Book finds that neat spot between a sprawling RPG and a tight-knit story game. While certainly reminiscent of Skyrim and Disco Elysium, it will also appeal to Slay the Spire and Telltale’s The Walking Dead fans.

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Black Book is now free on the Epic Games Store until Thursday, August 24, but it’s not the only game you pick for the low price of absolutely zero. You can also check out Dodo Peak, an isometric platformer that harkens to ‘90s classics like Head Over Heels, Monster Max, and Landstalker. If you want a serious nostalgia blast, you should definitely try out Dodo Peak.

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