Best Blasphemous 2 weapons

The Blasphemous 2 weapons are indispensable in both combat and exploration, and we’ve taken each of their abilities for a spin to help you make the best choice.

Blasphemous 2 weapons: Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony as she appears in the opening cutscene, her head bowed over her sword.

What are the best Blasphemous 2 weapons? You have three weapons to choose from as a companion at the start of the Penitent One’s pilgrimage across Cvstodia. Each one offers vastly different playstyles, as well as weapon abilities that unlock new ways to explore the map. Thankfully, we’ve got all the details about Blasphemous 2 weapons, so you can make the best choice for your journey.

According to Blasphemous 2, only The Miracle knows when you’ll encounter the additional Blasphemous 2 weapons after your initial choice. Well, that’s not entirely true – we’ve tracked down each weapon ahead of time, so you can reach their locations and utilize their weapon abilities as early as possible in the platform game. We praised the Penitent One’s expanded arsenal in our Blasphemous 2 review, though one weapon stood head and shoulders above the rest. Here’s the scoop.

Blasphemous 2 weapons and abilities

Blasphemous 2 weapons have unique abilities that allow you to navigate through the map by manipulating certain objects, so you can retrieve collectibles like Blasphemous 2 wax seeds and Blasphemous 2 cherubs. We’ve included details of each weapon, including their playstyle and where to find them.

Here are the Blasphemous 2 weapons and their abilities:

  • Veredicto (Censer): Hit the blue bells to emit a soundwave that temporarily opens a corresponding blue door in the nearby vicinity, which you can permanently disable by passing through it before it closes.
  • Sarmiento and Centella (Rapier and Dagger): Hit the floating mirrors to teleport a short distance ahead of where they’re facing, allowing you to pass through walls and propel you to new areas.
  • Ruego Al Alba (Sword): Destroy the corpse-riddled tree trunks that block your path by performing a downward attack from a high height.

The initial location of the Blasphemous 2 weapons at the beginning of the Penitent One's journey, each one held in the hands of a statue.

Veredicto (Censer)

Veredicto is the best Blasphemous 2 weapon thanks to a combination of high damage output, hefty knockback, and superior range.

It also doesn’t require you to worry about timing a block or parry in order to perform advanced attacks on its skill tree, nor do you need to charge a weapons gauge to maximize its damage potential. Instead, you can ignite this mace-like censer to empower it with the flame of the Sacred Incense.

Location: As the best Blasphemous 2 weapon, we highly recommend you choose Veredicto at the start of your journey through Cvstodia.

The location of Sarmiento and Centella as it appears on the map, one of the Blasphemous 2 weapons.

Sarmiento and Centella (Rapier and Dagger)

Sarmiento and Centella are by far the fastest Blasphemous 2 weapons in your arsenal. This rapier and blade combo is imbued with electrical energy that increases as you fill up its weapon gauge. You can thrust forward to quickly engage your enemies, or perform an effective parry that repositions you behind them.

Location: Palace of the Embroideries. Head right from the Prie Dieu until you reach a chandelier suspended above a pit. Jump on the chandelier to cause it to collapse, which sends you to a lower level. Instead of breaking the pillar to your immediate left, head right to encounter the heart statue containing Sarmiento and Centella.

The location of Ruego Al Alba as it appears on the map, one of the Blasphemous 2 weapons.

Ruego Al Alba (Sword)

Ruego Al Alba is a serrated blade that strikes a fine balance between the dexterity of Sarmiento and Centella and the damage dealt by Veredicto. When timed correctly, any successful block you perform with Ruego Al Alba can be followed up with a devastating counterattack. It can also grant you bonus health regeneration while upgraded, which is highly effective.

Location: Crown of Towers. Take the lift from the Choir of Thorns and hop along the platforms and to the right. Continue past the flames and enemies until you reach an area where you can drop down to a lower level. Light the Prie Dieu in the room on the left and then proceed all the way along to the far right to encounter the hand statue containing Ruego Al Alba.

Blasphemous 2 weapon skill trees

Blasphemous 2 weapons come furnished with their own individual skill trees, otherwise known as weapon memories. As you proceed along each skill tree, the cost of upgrading Blasphemous 2 weapons increases accordingly, so you might wish to prioritize your favorite weapon in order to ensure it’s fully upgraded by the end. Some weapon memories can drastically increase the efficacy of a weapon, so it’s worth deciding on which to unlock ahead of time.

The skill tree for Veredicto, one of the Blasphemous 2 weapons.

Veredicto skill tree

  • Thunder of Mercy: Charge a powerful strike that damages nearby enemies.
  • Embers of Faith: Activates Veredicto, adding fire damage to attacks in exchange for Fervour. Once activated, it will not extinguish into the Fervour is fully consumed.
  • Tempered Flames: Turn off Veredicto, interrupting the consumption of Fervour. This display of temperance can even be performed in the air.
  • Determination: Increases base defense.
  • Ignition Strike: Convert an attack into a powerful horizontal strike that turns Veredicto on and off.
  • Aerial Ignition: Activate Veredicto in the air for a quick air strike. Can be used to cancel air strikes.
  • Fiery Striker: Increases fire damage inflicted.
  • Crucible of Faith: Halves the time required to charge Veredicto.
  • Sanctified Embers: Reduces the Fervour consumed by Veredicto when inactivated, and increases its elemental damage.
  • Immaculate Harvest: Increases Fervour gain when attacking enemies with Veredicto.
  • Blessed Bronze: Increases Veredicto’s base damage.
  • And the Earth Shattered: Thunder of Mercy creates shockwaves on the ground on impact.
  • Azure Typhoon: You can hold a charged Veredicto in the air. Release in the air to perform the Azure Typhoon, a powerful aerial attack that hits both sides.
  • Explosive Embers: Causes damage to an area by activating Veredicto on the ground.
  • Endless Flame: Press after an Ignition Strike to chain it into another attack.

The skill tree for Sarmiento and Centella, one of the Blasphemous 2 weapons.

Sarmiento and Centella skill tree

  • Sacred Lunge: Perform a lunch attack and slash through your enemies.
  • Cross Guard: Instantly adopt a blocking stance. Cross Guard can be performed.
  • Piercing Retribution: Use the Cross Guard at the last moment to counterattack with a lightning-quick thrust that will pierce through all enemies ahead of you.
  • Verdadera Destreza I: Unlocks the first Verdadera Destreza indicator. Hitting enemies with Sarmiento and Centella increases your Verdadera Destreza level, adding Lightning damage to your attack. Getting hit depletes your indicators.
  • Silver Cross: Perform a quick cross slash in mid-air with both the rapier and dagger, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Galvanic Striker: Increases Lightning damage inflicted.
  • Silver Storm: Unleash a barrage of thrusts.
  • Just Retribution: Increases damage with counterattacking with any weapon.
  • Verdadera Destreza II: Unlocks the second Verdadera Destreza indicator.
  • Quicksilver Coating: Increases the gain Verdadera Destreza with your blows.
  • Blessed Silver: Increases the base damage of Sarmiento and Centella.
  • Sacred Lunge: Consume a Verdadera Destreza indicator to boost your Sacred Lunge.
  • Silver Nail: Repeatedly finish with a powerful onslaught after the fourth hit.
  • Determination: Increases base defense.
  • Sacred Silver: Increases the base damage of Sarmiento and Centella.
    Verdadera Destreza III: Unlocks the third Verdadera Destreza indicator.
  • Cross of the Tempest: Consume a Verdadera Destreza indicator to boost your Silver Cross.
  • Silver Lightning: Silver Storm consumes all available Verdadera Destreza indicators to power up.

The skill tree for Ruego Al Alba, one of the Blasphemous 2 weapons.

Ruego Al Alba skill tree

  • Rosary Ward: Block enemy blows and launch a quick counterattack. Some strikes do not allow a counterattack.
  • Weight of Sin: Perform a downward attack. Use it from a greater height to unleash a more powerful version, capable of breaking through certain barriers.
  • Retribution: At the last moment, unleash a devastating slash that strikes multiple times.
  • Blood Pact: Once the gauge is full, activate Blood Pact. Empowers all hits from Ruego Al Alba with additional hits of Mystical damage. Charge the gauge by dealing damage with Ruego Al Alba.
  • Determination: Increases base defense.
  • Reaper Rosary: Launch a devastating slash at superhuman speed during Blood Pact. Partially consumes the Blood Pact gauge.
  • Mystic Striker: Increases Mystical damage inflicted.
  • Crimson Warmonger: Perform a Crimson Ascension or Crimson Cyclone.
  • Relentless Power: Increases the ability to stun enemies.
  • Covenant of Atonement: Hits during Blood Pact regenerate the Penitent One’s health.
  • Blessed Steel: Increases the base damage of Ruego Al Alba.
  • Weight of Justice: Creates a wave of increased Mystical damage when performing Weight of Sin from a great height.
  • Crimson Cleaver: Adds a powerful downward slash with enhanced Stun damage at the end of the combo.
  • Sacred Steel: Increases the base damage of Ruego Al Alba.
  • Crimson Advocacy: Upgrades the boosted Mystical damage added during Blood Pact.
  • Cold Blood: Increases the duration of Blood Pact.
  • Reaper Prayer: Halves the cost of Reaper Rosary.
  • Crimson Glaive: Upgrades the power of the Crimson Slash with a ground-level shockwave.

Blasphemous 2 weapons are only the first step to getting around in the souls-like game. If you’re angling for a completionist run, then be sure to hunt down the Blasphemous 2 abilities to take your platforming to the next level. We’ve also got the lowdown on the best Blasphemous 2 resonances at your disposal, which can imbue your best weapon with additional effects to slay bosses without even breaking a sweat.