This free RPG is bigger than CS2 and every Steam game right now

This Roblox game is bigger than Counter-Strike 2 and every other game on Steam right now, as the RPG has just had a big update and well over a million players.

Blox Fruit player count: a person with long black hair jumping into battle, with a determined look on their face

Roblox is home to millions of games, and as of right now one of them is bigger than Valve’s Counter-Strike 2 and every other Steam game in terms of concurrent players. With a massive update just dropping for the game, the anime-inspired Blox Fruits continues to see players flock to it.

Game creation tool Roblox has around 40 million different games and experiences, so Blox Fruits is just one of many ways to play within the tool itself. Inspired by the manga and anime One Piece, the RPG game‘s aim is to collect the titular Blox Fruit and use its powers to help level up and become the best player in the game.

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The free-to-play game even has Blox Fruits codes to help players out, with the newest update dropping for Halloween seeing even more players flock to the Roblox experience at the moment. We’ve also put together a Blox Fruits guide if you need one.

As of publication, Blox Fruits has around 1,250,00 players while Counter-Strike 2 has around 1,200,000. CS2 is more than likely to overtake Blox Fruits as the Roblox experience may be having a peak due to the recently released Update 20, but it’s still bigger than Counter-Strike 2 right now.

You can see the numbers for yourself for Counter-Strike 2 right now, alongside the concurrent players for Blox Fruits as well.

Blox Fruit Player Count: shows the different between CS2 and Blox Fruit players

Blox Fruits also caters to a completely different audience, and the Valve shooter’s continued player success is nothing to ignore, but that doesn’t change the numbers.

Despite keeping its astronomical Steam numbers, Counter-Strike 2 hasn’t been going down all too well with fans since launch. Many are upset that CS2 has just replaced CSGO, that there’s broken hit detection in the game, and the removal of some casual game modes as well.

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