Blox Fruits update – update 24 release date news

The latest and potentially greatest Blox Fruits update is on the way, and this look at patches past, present, tells us what to expect on the day.

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The Blox Fruits 2023 roadmap for upcoming updates.

When is the next Blox Fruits update?

Blox Fruits update 23 was launched on Thursday, December 15 at 9pm EST / 6pm PT or 2 am GMT / 3am CET for the UK and Europe on Friday, December 15.

Since then, we’ve been waiting for Roblox update 24. The exact date and time aren’t known as of February, 2024, and the developer has not revealed any news on a new update.

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What’s in the next Blox Fruits update?

Blox Fruits update 23 focused on the introduction of the mythical Kitsune fruit. The Blox Fruits Kistune trailer above, which premiered on December 9, also mentions a mini shop update as well.

Blox Fruits updates release dates

Here are the release dates for past Blox Fruits patches. If there’s a pattern present, it can be handy for predicting when a new patch is likely to land:

Update title Release date Level cap Fruit?
The First Update January 16, 2019 300 Bomb, Spike, Chop, Smoke, Rubber, Flame, Ice, Dark, Light, Magma, Quake, Buddha
Update 2 June 16, 2019 500 Phoenix, Spring
Update 3 June 30, 2019 650 String, Rumble
Update 3.5 July 2, 2019 650 None
Update 4 July 7, 2019 650 Sand
Update 5 July 14, 2023 750 Gravity
Update 6: PVP/Teams July 28, 2019 750 Flame, Ice, Light, Magma reworks
Update 7 August 11, 2019 750 Paw
Update 8: New World November 23, 2019 1000 Barrier
Update 9: Anti-Copyright December 25, 2019 1100 Dough
Update 10 April 17, 2020 1250 Control
Update 11: Awakening July 10, 2020 1250 Flame, Ice, Quake Awakened
Update 12: Halloween October 21, 2020 1350 Light, Dark Awakened
Update 13: Christmas December 23, 2020 1450 Dragon, String (Awakened)
Update 14 March 20, 2021 1525 Rumble Awakened
Update 15: Third Sea September 11, 2021 2000 Venom, Spin, Door, Kilo, Diamond, Love, Falcon, Magma (Awakened), Buddha (Awakened)
Update 16: Halloween November 5, 2021 2100 Shadow, Revive
Update 17: Christmas Pt. 1 December 31, 2021 2200 Soul, Sand (Awakened)
Update 17: Part 2 March 12, 2022 2300 Phoenix (Awakened)
Update 17: Part 3 September 10, 2022 2400 Leopard, Dough (Awakened)
Update 17: Part 3.5 December 26, 2022 2450 Blizzard
Update 18, Race V4 January 2023 2450 None
Update 19 February 25, 2023 2450 Love (rework)
Update 20 October 21, 2023 2550 Mammoth, Sound, Rocket, Revive (rework)
Update 21 November 2, 2023 2550 (?) Halloween event, Bones, Sea Event, Haunted Shipwreck
Update 22 December 15, 2023 2550 (?) Kitsune
Update 23 December 25, 2023 2550 (?) “more boat content”
Update 24 ? N/A N/A

If you’re still working your way up to the current Blox Fruits level cap, check out our dedicated Blox Fruits leveling guide. It’ll point you in the right direction of where to farm EXP quickly. And if you just need a little bit more Beli for that new fruit, check to see if you’ve missed any active Blox Fruits codes, too. Just be sure to read through our Blox Fruits tier list before you pull the trigger.