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Borderlands 3 anointed weapons and gear explained

What is anointed gear? We break down this elusive tier of Borderlands 3 gear

Borderlands 3 anointed gear

What are anointed weapons in borderlands 3? There are over one billion Borderlands 3 weapons across a huge range of rarities, including legendary weapons, brand new weapon classes, guns with legs, guns with brains, and guns with guns. But, a whole new level of gun has graced the cel-shaded looty shooty of Borderland 3: anointed weapons.

Although Borderlands 3 anointed weapons and gear aren’t a type of rarity, they function very much like Luneshine in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. That means you can still get perks and advantages for your guns in the rarity tiers – legendary, purple, and blue. Anointed weapons reflect your Vault Hunter’s class and abilities, whether that’s doubling down on corrosive damage, or weapons that deal more damage to boss enemies. They also tend to offer whopping buffs to your Borderlands 3 classes and their action skills, for example, one of Moze’s anointed weapons deals bonus incendiary damage if her mech bear is active. So you can be sure these weapons will come in handy when it comes to perfecting your Borderlands 3 builds.

As well as anointed weapons and gear, Borderlands 3 serves up anointed enemies. These super soldiers are sent in by the Calypso Twins, and arrive in the form of various bosses and baddies throughout the game.

How do you get Borderlands 3 anointed weapons?

Anointed weapons and shields can be purchased for Eridium at Crazy Earl’s vending machine on the Sanctuary III. Anointed gear have unique perks for specific classes, offering a bonus effect to benefit from character abilities.

Anointed weapons in Borderlands 3 have also been discovered in the endgame content, and a chest in the Proving Grounds. You’ll be able to use them for the Borderlands 3 endgame content, Mayhem-Mode, Proving Grounds, and Circle of Slaughter – as well as access it during your second playthrough, and whatever else you decide to get up to once the last boss falls.

As you can get Borderlands 3 anointed gear in all rarity tiers, hopefully getting an anointed legendary weapon in Borderlands 3 will be very, very difficult. Eridium is hard to come by,  so don’t spend it all at once to purchase a new gun or shield, it’s best to hold out for gear that matches your class and chosen skill tree, so you can benefit from this brand new bracket of loot.