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Borderlands 3 has some very detailed official cosplay guides

A Borderlands cosplay tour kicks off at E3.

Borderlands 3 gameplay

Borderlands cosplay has been a thing for a while now – No videogames-themed cosplay event is complete without at least a couple Mad Moxxis, after all. Now, Gearbox has produced some highly detailed guides for cosplayers looking to recreate the looks of the new vault hunters featured in Borderlands 3.

The cosplay guides feature high resolution images of Siren Amara, Beastmaster FL4K, Gunner Moze, and Operative Zane. They’re downloadable as PDF files, each with their own flavor text for character background, close-up shots of key pieces of their costumes, and the hex color codes used throughout each model.

Even if you aren’t a cosplayer, the guides make for interesting viewing. FL4K, for instance, has a pet bowl attached to his backpack with a carabiner, and Moze’s get-up is kind of a bash-up of the classic Ramones motorcycle jacket with some Vietnam-era American GI gear. Her class mod is a canteen. There’s even detailed color information on Amara’s six additional psionic energy arms, and if someone is able to pull that off in a cosplay, I will be extremely impressed.

The guides are available at the official Borderlands 3 site, which also has some initial information about a Borderlands 3 cosplay tour, which will kick off at E3 in Los Angeles June 11.

2K and Gearbox are planning on setting up a photo booth that, perhaps via greenscreen, places Borderlands cosplayers (or anyone who just wants to hold a funky wasteland weapon) into some of the game’s key locations.

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The Borderlands 3 cosplay tour will be appearing at more events around the globe following E3, and 2K says it’ll have more information on where it’ll be appearing in the coming weeks.

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They’ll also be publishing more cosplay guides, so if you’re interested in creating one of Borderlands’ other characters and need to know exactly which shade of dusty brown to use for a distressed pair of trousers, the official website will likely have you covered before long.