WoW’s lead PvP designer is the latest high up to move to a “new opportunity at Blizzard” | PCGamesN

WoW’s lead PvP designer is the latest high up to move to a “new opportunity at Blizzard”

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Continuing the internal movements at Blizzard, Brian Holinka, the lead PvP designer for World of Warcraft has left the team to work on something else. What is that something else? It’s a mystery.

Will whatever Holinka's working on make our list of the best PC games?

In a post on the official forums, Holinka described his time on the World of Warcraft team as “the chance of a lifetime,” stating that it’s been a “dream come true.” Following in the footsteps of other Blizzard employees like David Kim and Dustin Browder, he’s moving over to a new team within Blizzard. What project he’s working on, or even what team he's with, is yet to be seen. 

Holinka promised that the other folks working on World of Warcraft PvP have some “incredible plans,” so the team’s still hard at work even without him there. Holinka's not the most popular man on the World of Warcraft forums, though, so some people are rather happy he's moving away from his lead role on the game.

With so many senior members of the team moving around it’s hard not to speculate about what may be going on at Blizzard’s headquarters. Perhaps it’s to do with their unannounced first-person game? Or maybe their expansion to the Diablo team late last year

This is all speculation, mind you, we actually have no clue what’s going on. Best of luck to Holinka in his new role, though!

Cheers, Icy Veins.

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Braneman avatarXerkics avatar
Braneman Avatar
9 Months ago

From what I heard PVP in wow right now is a mess, in theory everything being standardized is great, however they balance things wrong. If say Blood Death Knights are doing too much damage they'll dump their strength, however that is what their survivability is based on so they'll become more fragile when it was only their dps that was too high. It's stuff like that, that completely undermines the whole purpose of standardized stats in the first place.

Xerkics Avatar
9 Months ago

Pvp in wow has been a mess since after we left vanilla which was the only time when it was more or less balanced. All this pvp gear and fancy new stuff they did is just fubar. If it aint broke dont need to reinvent the wheel.