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Black Ops 4’s battle royale beta is now the top game on Twitch

Prospective Blackout players are already lining up to see the mode, bringing Black Ops 4 to the top of Twitch

call of duty black ops 4

The first beta for Call of Duty’s take on battle royale is underway, and it looks like people are pretty excited to see what Blackout will look like when it finally launches. With beta access still limited players are heading to Twitch in droves to check it out, sending Black Ops 4 to the top of the charts, surpassing viewer counts for the next three games combined.

Black Ops 4 viewers have numbered over 300,000 for most of the day. That’s thanks in large part to launch day streams from big names like Shroud and DrDisRespect, but even if you discount the roughly 150,000 viewers those two have brought to the table, Call of Duty is still surpassing Fortnite’s numbers by a significant margin.

Whether that level of interest carries forward to the final game remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a big start. For now, the beta is only available to those who’ve pre-ordered on PlayStation 4, though that’s about to change. A PC open beta will hit this weekend, starting September 15 – follow that link for more details on what’s included and how to play.

We’ve gotten loads more info on Blackout in the days leading up to the beta, including info on how zombies factor in, limited time events, and even the full map. And, of course, there’s a trailer.

The Black Ops 4 release date is a month away, and that link will provide you with plenty more detail on everything to expect from the latest Call of Duty.