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Treyarch says Black Ops 4 mod support is on the table

black ops 4 mods

Don’t rule out Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 mods just because the game’s coming the rather locked-down Battle.net launcher – mod support is on the table, according to Treyarch. Though perhaps you shouldn’t expect to see it at launch.

“Of course, people who have been with Treyarch know that we’re big fans of the mod community,” Treyarch co-head Dan Bunting tells GamerHubTV, “and many of our developers we hired directly from the mod community because they built a mod – they got noticed. In Black Ops 3 we released mod tools for the first time in the franchise in many, many years.

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“We are big believers and supporters in the mod community, but we’re not quite ready to start talking about that yet.” That’s in direct response to a question about whether Battle.net would affect the company’s mod plans for the upcoming game.

Black Ops 3 modding got official tools back in December of 2016, over a year after the game’s original release. The game’s Steam Workshop encompasses everything from new zombies maps to anime girls, so there are certainly some diverse uses for Black Ops modding.

You can hear Bunting’s comments for yourself in the interview below.

The real question is whether Battle.net will affect Black Ops 4 modding, especially with the upcoming game ditching a traditional single-player campaign for an all-multiplayer focus. If Black Ops 4 does get proper mod support, it won’t be through the Steam Workshop, leaving us to wonder if there would be an in-game mod browser or maybe a new feature in Battle.net itself.

Whatever the case, you won’t be installing any officially supported mods on the Black Ops 4 release date – but Treyarch, at least, apparently wants to make it happen.