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How many missions are there in Call of Duty Cold War?

Here are all the main missions, side missions, and briefings in Call of Duty Cold War

How many missions are in Call of Duty Cold War

How many missions are there in Call of Duty Cold War? You may have spent some time in the new Call of Duty game and be wondering just how long you have left taking down Soviet soldiers in the main campaign.

We do want to warn you, before proceeding, this guide contains spoilers of what to expect from the game, so please only read on if you don’t mind seeing details for missions you may not have completed yet, including any side missions, as we do mention the final cinematic.

Although there are relatively few main missions, there are side missions and an alternative ending to extend play time. There are also briefing missions, where you can talk to your teammates and thumb through the evidence board to change choices that will affect the final cinematic. Although they’re not really missions themselves, they still impact the ending, so it’s worth noting their importance. Similarly, Interrogation isn’t a mission either, but a cinematic scene with dialogue choices. Here are how many missions there are in Call of Duty Cold War.

Call of Duty Cold War missions

There are nine main missions in Call of Duty Cold War, but here are all the missions including side missions and briefings.

  • Nowhere Left to Run
  • CIA Safehouse E9
  • Fracture Jaw
  • East Berlin Briefing
  • Brick in the Wall
  • Redlight, Greenlight
  • Echoes of a Cold War
  • Lubyanka Briefing
  • Operation Chaos
  • Desperate Measures
  • Operation Red Circus
  • Cuba Briefing
  • End of the Line
  • Interrogation
  • Break on Through
  • Identity Crisis
  • The Final Countdown
  • Ashes to Ashes

As well as main missions, there are also two side missions called Operation Red Circus and Operation Chaos, and the aforementioned alternative ending mission. For a rough timeline, check out how long Call of Duty Cold War is, along with where to collect all the photo intel in Cold War.