Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War mid-season update arrives next week

Get ready for a brand new map, a new MP mode, and an amped up Zombies experience

Treyarch has rolled out a new patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, and alongside the notes comes a preview of the mid-season update inbound next week. The update will include a huge new Fireteam map, a new 6v6 mode, and a new Zombies mode for the multiplayer game.

Today, Cold War players can find a new 24/7 playlist featuring Raid and Crossroads Strike, two 6v6 maps that Treyarch describes as “fast-paced”. The playlist includes team deathmatch, domination, kill confirmed, and hardpoint on both maps. From Quickplay, you can also select Hardcore Raid + Crossroads Strike 24/7.

Gunfight Blueprints is a new spin on Gunfight that gives both players a random loadout drawn from a selection of “badass Weapon Blueprints.” If you’ve liked Gunfight but have gotten bored with the default weapon selection, Gunfight Blueprints is a perfect excuse to pick the mode back up again. Today’s update also includes the new Dirty Bomb Duos mode, which has 10 teams of two running around Alpine and Ruka in a race to collect uranium and detonate the most dirty bombs. With half as many players as a standard Dirty Bomb match, Dirty Bomb Duos “offers a more calculated, less frenzied Fireteam experience”, Treyarch says.

As for the mid-season update, Treyarch says players can look forward to a huge new Fireteam map called Sanatorium, which is pictured above. The post doesn’t provide many details about the map, but the image shows a large institutional-style structure built in the round. It’s several storeys tall and situated next to a pier, and a set of elevated light rail tracks lead off across the water nearby.

The mid-season update will also add the new Dropkick 6v6 mode and a new mode for Zombies called Cranked – here, each zombie kill will reset a timer that’s “counting down to your demise.”

The mid-season update arrives January 14. The rest of the patch notes can be found over at Treyarch’s official site. Study up with our guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War guns to make sure you’re ready.